Federal Reports Elimination and Sunset Act of 1995

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An Act
To provide for the modification or elimination of Federal reporting requirements.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

Section 1. Short Title.[edit]

This Act may be cited as the ``Federal Reports Elimination and Sunset Act of 1995´´.

Sec. 2. Table of Contents.[edit]

The table of contents for this Act is as follows:
Sec. 1. Short Title.
Sec. 2. Table of Contents.
Subtitle A — Department of Agriculture
Sec. 1011. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1012. Reports Modified.
Subtitle B — Department of Commerce
Sec. 1021. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1022. Reports Modified.
Subtitle C — Department of Defense
Sec. 1031. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle D — Department of Education
Sec. 1041. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1042. Reports Modified.
Subtitle E — Department of Energy
Sec. 1051. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1052. Reports Modified.
Subtitle F — Department of Health and Human Services
Sec. 1061. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1062. Reports Modified.
Subtitle G — Department of Housing and Urban Development
Sec. 1071. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1072. Reports Modified.
Subtitle H — Department of the Interior
Sec. 1081. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1082. Reports Modified.
Subtitle I — Department of Justice
Sec. 1091. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle J — Department of Labor
Sec. 1101. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1102. Reports Modified.
Subtitle K — Department of State
Sec. 1111. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1112. International narcotics control.
Subtitle L — Department of Transportation
Sec. 1121. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1122. Reports Modified.
Subtitle M — Department of the Treasury
Sec. 1131. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 1132. Reports Modified.
Subtitle N — Department of Veterans Affairs
Sec. 1141. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle A — Action
Sec. 2011. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle B — Environmental Protection Agency
Sec. 2021. Reports Modified.
Subtitle C — Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Sec. 2031. Reports Modified.
Subtitle D — Federal Aviation Administration
Sec. 2041. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle E — Federal Communications Commission
Sec. 2051. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle F — Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Sec. 2061. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle G — Federal Emergency Management Agency
Sec. 2071. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle H — Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
Sec. 2081. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle I — General Services Administration
Sec. 2091. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle J — Interstate Commerce Commission
Sec. 2101. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle K — Legal Services Corporation
Sec. 2111. Reports Modified.
Subtitle L — National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Sec. 2121. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle M — National Council on Disability
Sec. 2131. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle N — National Science Foundation
Sec. 2141. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle O — National Transportation Safety Board
Sec. 2151. Reports Modified.
Subtitle P — Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Sec. 2161. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle Q — Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Sec. 2171. Reports Modified.
Subtitle R — Office of Personnel Management
Sec. 2181. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 2182. Reports Modified.
Subtitle S — Office of Thrift Supervision
Sec. 2191. Reports Modified.
Subtitle T — Panama Canal Commission
Sec. 2201. Reports Eliminated.
Subtitle U — Postal Service
Sec. 2211. Reports Modified.
Subtitle V — Railroad Retirement Board
Sec. 2221. Reports Modified.
Subtitle W — Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board
Sec. 2231. Reports Modified.
Subtitle X — United States Information Agency
Sec. 2241. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 3001. Reports Eliminated.
Sec. 3002. Reports Modified.
Sec. 3003. Termination of Reporting Requirements.

Approved December 21, 1995.

Legislative History[edit]

  • CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 141 (1995):
    • July 17, considered and passed Senate.
    • Nov. 14, considered and passed House, amended.
    • Dec. 6, Senate concurred in House amendment with an amendment.
    • Dec. 7, House concurred in Senate amendment.