Fernwort Papers

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Presented at a Second Meeting of Fern Students, held
in New York City, June 27, 1900, under
the Auspices of the Linnæan Fern Chapter.*

Printed for the Chapter. Binghamton, N. Y.
Issued December 20, 1900

*For an account of this Meeting, see Fern Bulletin for July, 1900.  The first gathering of those interested in American fern study occurred in Boston, August 24, 1898, and the papers read were published early in 1899, under the title, "Papers Presented at the Boston Meeting."
The Genus Isoetes in New England A. A. Eaton 1.
The system of ferns proposed in Die natuerlichen Pflanzenfamilien Lucien M. Underwood 16.
Experiments in Hybridizing Ferns Margaret Slosson 19.
Athyrium as a Genus B. D. Gilbert 25.
On the Occurence of the Hart's-tongue in America William R. Maxon 30.