Fifes and Drums/A Song of Confidence

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We have not compelled them, urged them, nor cajoled them—
    Of their own need they came to us, their own want and will.
We but opened wide the door, bade our walls enfold them,
    Gave them of our plenitude, as we give them still.
    Surely we may never fear lest these should wish us ill.

We have broken bread with them, lit the flame that warmed them,
    Bade them share our children's place at hearth and bed and board.
We have bound the ancient wounds—unhealed wounds that harmed them—
    Shared with them our freedom from fear and over-lord.
    Surely these shall aid us when our hand is on the sword.

Not with misplaced confidence, not in foolish blindness,
    Do we trust these guests today who have known our best,—
These who wrought with us in peace, walked with us in kindness,
    These shall never fail us when men's souls are at the test,
    These shall guard the honor of the House that gave them rest.

Theodosia Garrison.