Fifes and Drums/In Time of Danger

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Blind to danger we have been,
    Walking on our wonted ways
    Through the drifting of the days,
In and out, and out and in,
        To our patriot duty stranger,
    Wandering as in a maze,
        Blind to danger!

Deaf to danger, and our need,
    We have drunken to the lees
    Of the druggèd wine of ease;
To our honor given no heed,
        Paltered, played the money-changer;
    Cast aside old memories,
        Deaf to danger!

Blind and deaf to danger? Nay!—
    Fling the call from shore to shore!
    Wake! the slothful hour is o'er!
Wake! be gone with base delay,
        To our trust no longer stranger!
    Freemen, rouse, and be no more
        Blind to danger—
        Deaf to danger!

Clinton Scollard.