First Footsteps in East Africa

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CHAPTER I. Departure from Aden

CHAP. II. Life in Zayla

CHAP. III. Excursions near Zayla

CHAP. IV. The Somal, their Origin and Peculiarities

CHAP. V. From Zayla to the Hills

CHAP. VI. From the Zayla Hills to the Marar Prairie

CHAP. VII. From the Marar Prairie to Harar

CHAP. VIII. Ten Days at Harar

CHAP. IX. A Ride to Berberah

CHAP. X. Berberah and its Environs



LIST OF PLATES. Harar, from the Coffe Stream Map of Berberah Route to Harar The Hammal Costume of Harar H. H. Ahmed Bin Abibakr, Amir of Harar [Illustration]