Folk-Lore/Volume 32/Garo Marriages, 2

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Folk-Lore/Volume 32
Number IV.—(December, 1921.) Collectanea Garo Marriages

Garo Marriages.
Folk-Lore, xxxii. p. 202 et seqq.)

I am glad Sir James Frazer accepts my contention that “in the case cited marriage with the daughter was a consequence not a cause of the marriage with the widow.” I repeat that the case is not clear, and I had not overlooked the general custom as reference to my note will show. It is also clear from the citations from Dalton, Gait, Hunter, and Playfair, that the man succeeds to enjoyment of the property as husband of the widow (his aunt in so many cases). Thus “material advantages are inseparably attached to the hand of the widow.” That is my point.