Folk-Lore/Volume 33/Witchcraft in Scotland

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Folk-Lore/Volume 33
Number 3 (September) Collectanea; Witchcraft in Scotland.

Witchcraft in Scotland.

When reading that most remarkable work Jurgen by James Branch Cabell, published by the Bodley Head, in 1921, I was interested to observe that the scene of the author's only reference to witchcraft was laid at Morven. Any student of Witchcraft in Aberdeenshire will recollect that the hot-bed of the cult inland was in such places as Blelac, Logie-Coldstone, and Tarland. Blelac lies on the slope of Morven Hill, Coldstone and Tarland lie just to the east of it. One cannot help speculating as to whether the choice of the name was purely arbitrary and accidental, or whether this minor point was an example of the erudition of the author even more startling than those contained in the trenchant allegories round which his story is formed.

Alex. Keiller.

4 Charles Street,

London, W. 1.