Franklin D. Roosevelt to Winston Churchill (May, 1941)

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If Hess is talking, or does so in the future, it would be very valuable to public opinion over here if he can be persuaded to tell your people what Hitler has said about the United States, or what German plans really are in relation to the United States or to other parts of the Western Hemisphere, including commerce, infiltration, military domination, encirclement of the United States, etc.

From this distance I can assure you that the Hess flight has captured the American Imagination and the story should be kept alive for just as many days or even weeks as possible.

If he says anything about the Americans in the course of telling his story, it should be kept separate form other parts and featured by itself.

I have nothing specific from Vichy yet. I am not hopeful of any concrete orders to Darlan to resist but we may still pull some of the chestnuts out of the fire.


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