Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology/Plate 23

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Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology, plate 23.png

Plate 23. V. I. p. 180.

Fig. 1'. Anterior extremity of the right jaw of Megalosaurus, from the Stonesfield slate, Oxon. (Buckland.)
Fig. 2'. Outside view of the same, exhibiting near the extremity, large perforations of the bone for the passage of vessels. (Buckland.)
Fig. 1. Tooth of Megalosaurus, incomplete towards the root, and seen laterally as in Fig. 1'. Nat. size. (Buckland.)
Fig. 2. Side view of a tooth nearly arrived at maturity. The dotted lines mark the compressed conical cavity, containing Pulp, within the Root of the growing tooth. Scale two thirds. (Buckland.)
Fig. 3. Tranverse section of Fig. 1'. showing the thickness of the largest tooth (a.) and its root set deep and firmly in the bony socket, which descends nearly to the bottom of the Jaw. Scales two thirds. (Buckland.)
Fig. 4. Transverse section of the tooth (Fig. 2.) showing the manner in which the back and sides are enlarged, and rounded in order to give strength, and the front brought to a strong and thin cutting edge at D'. (Buckland.)