Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology/Plate 24

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Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology, plate 24.png

Plate 24. V. I. p. 184.

Fossil Teeth and bony nasal horn of Iguanodon; and lower Jaw and Teeth of Iguana. (Mantell and Original)

In Mr. Mantell's collection there is a perfect thigh bone of this animal, 3 feet 8 inches long, and 35 inches in circumference at its largest and lower extremity.

Plate 25. V. 1. p. 191.

Fig. 1. Fossil Crocodilean found at Saltwick near Whitby, eighteen feet long, and preserved in the Museum of that town. This figure is copied from Plate XVI. of Bird and Young's Geol. Survey of the Yorkshire coast. As this appears to be the same species with that engraved in the Phil. Trans. 1758, Vol. 50. Pt. 2. Tab. 22, and Tab. 30, and presented to the Royal Society by Captain Chapman, Mr. Konig has applied to it the name of Teleosaurus Chapmanni.
Fig. 2. Another head of Teleosaurus Chapmanni, also in the Museum at Whitby, and from the lias of that neighbourhood. (Original.)
Fig. 3. Head of a third Individual of the same species from the same locality, placed in 1834, in the British Museum, showing the outside of the lower Jaw. (Young and Bird.)
Fig. 4. View of the inside of a lower Jaw of the same species, in the Oxford Museum, from the Great Oolite, at Enslow, near Woodstock, Oxon. (Original.)