Al Que Quiere!/Good Night

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<poem> In brilliant gas light I turn the kitchen spigot and watch the water plash into the clean white sink. On the grooved drain-board to one side is a glass filled with parsley— crisped green. Waiting for the water to freshen— I glance at the spotless floor—: a pair of rubber sandals lie side by side under the wall-table, all is in order for the night.

Waiting, with a glass in my hand —three girls in crimson satin pass close before me on the murmurous background of the crowded opera— it is

memory playing the clown—
three vague, meaningless girls
full of smells and
the rustling sound of
cloth rubbing on cloth and
little slippers on carpet—
high-school French
spoken in a loud voice!

Parsley in a glass,
still and shining,
brings me back. I take my drink
and yawn deliciously.
I am ready for bed.