Grand Marshal of the Soldiers Monument Celebration

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Soldiers' Monument Celebration,


HOBOKEN, N. J., May 26, 1888.

General Orders,
No. 2.

I. The column will move in the following order:

Chief Chas. A. Donovan, Commanding.
Colonel B. Franklin Hart.


Charles Gross, Adjutant General,
Joseph A. Joel, Inspector General,
John C. Besson, Judge Advocate General,
Col. G. W. Travers, Commissary General of Subsistance,
R. F. Chabert, Surgeon General,
Theophilus Butts, Paymaster General,
William F. Tobin, Chief of Cavalry,
L. Shanley Davis, Chief of Engineers,
Frank McDonough, Chief of Artillery,
Frank P. Clifford, Chief of Ordinance,
G. Simmermacher, Chief Signal Officer,

William H. Wall, Military Secretary.


Louis Waefelaer,
Albert R. Leeds,
Charles S. Shultz
John C. Crevier,
James M. Ekskine,
Samuel A. Helfer,
J. G. Fisher,
B. F. Hart, Jr.


The German Riding Club of Hoboken.


Second Regiment, N. G. N. J.Colonel E. A. Stevens, Commanding.
Gatling Gun Battery A, N. G. N. J.B't Brig. General J. Madison Drake, Commanding,


Posts of the G. A. R., Department of New York and other Veteran organizations.


Major James B. Horner.


S. G. Crawford,
P. N. Grefe,
William Armstrong,
Michael Schnepp,

Fourth New York Cavalry Veteran Association.Alexander Newburger, Commander.
Phil Kearney Post No. 8.C. E. Hyatt, Commander.
Robert Anderson Post No. 58.R. Stackpole, Commander.
Ellsworth Post No. 67.Michael Meehan, Commander.
Wadsworth Post No. 77K. H. Birmingham, Commander.
Cameron Post No. 79.F. P. Lennon, Commander.
Geo. Huntsman Post No. 50.Alonzo Garretsoi, Commander.
John A. Rawlins Post No. 80.John J. Bowes, Commander.
E. A. Kimball Post No. 100.William Meyers, Commander.
Geo. Washington Post No. 103.M. F. McMahon, Commander.
Dahlgren Post No. 113.William M. Entee, Commander.
Sedgwick Post No. 186.J. V. Byrne, Commander.
Stemwehr Post No. 192.Ferdinand Levy, Commander.
John A. Andrew Post No. 234.S. E. Saxton, Commander.
Edwin D. Morgan Post No. 307.M. F. Hatch, Commander.
Adam Goss Post No. 33J. M. J. O'Brien, Commander.
Veteran Post No. 36.C. H. Tiedeman, Commander,
Gen. James McQuade Post No. 557.Wm. A. Delaney, Commander.
Robert Marks Post No. 560.J. S. Power, Commander.
Gen. J. F Meagher Post No. 567.G. W. O'Neil, Commander.
Hawkins Zouave Association.Walter L. Thompson, Commander.


Posts of the G. A. R. Department of New Jersey, and other Veteran organizations.


Comrade Albert Koster.


George Schwartz,
John Sigler,
John A. Larkin,
Charles Stadle,

John Klein.

G. Van Houten Post No. 3.John Cruch, Commander.
Farragut Post No. 28.Philip Mentwick, Commander.
Geo. H. Thomas Post No. 29.Edwin Sharp, Commander.
Hexamer Post No. 34.Charles W. Pfaff, Commander.
Zabriskie Post No. 38.A. W. Luckin, Commander.
George G. Meade Post No. 7.William Kushmer, Commander.
Henry Wilson Post No. 13.J. J. Armstrong, Commander.
Ellsworth Post No. 4.Henry Wolff, Commander.
James B. McPherson Post No. 52.Nelson Haas, Commander.
Major Christian Woerner Post No. 81.Henry H. Trenor, Commander,
James N. Van Buskirk Post, No. 100.A. Van Buskirk, Commander.
Gabriel R. Paul Post, No. 101.Daniel L. Lockwood, Commander.
Dwignt Post, No, 103.Wm. C. Davis, Commander.
Edwin A. Stevens Naval Post, No. 104.Louis Richard, Commander.
Hoboken Veteran Corps.F. W. Schroeder, Commander.


Posts of the Sons of Veterans, Department New Jersey:


John Eckstein.


Charles P. Ahrens,
John Smith
Charles F. Koster,
William Steck.

Christian Woerner Post, No. 1.L. Haefte, Commander,
Ellsworth Post, No. 2.John Schlater, Conmiander.
Hancock Post, No. 3.H. Smith, Commander.
Custer Post, No. 6.A. M. Van Buskirk, Commander.
Weston Post, No. 11.W. H. Labaugh, Commander.


Hoboken Fire Department and visiting companies.


Chief W. A. Willig.


J. E. W. Kuper,
Theo, W. Goerig,
Edward O'Brien,
J. C. Prentiss,
Eugene Pahud,
Owen E. Duff,
Joseph Kemp,
Michael Conners,

Michael Maher.

Newton Steam Fire Engine Co., Newton, N. J.
Hoboken Engine Co. No. 1, Hoboken, N. J.
Bayonne H. & L. Co., Bayonne, N. J.
Washington H. & L. No. 1, Hoboken, N. J.
Osceola Hose Co. No. 1, Elizabeth, N. J.
Oceana Hose Co. No. 1, Hoboken, N. J.
Liberty Hose Co. No. 2, Hoboken, N. J.
Volunteer Exempt and Veteran Firemen's Sons of New York.
Meadow Engine Co. No. 3, Hoboken, N. J.
New York Volunteer Firemen's Association.
Fire Zouaves of New York.
Empire H. & L. Co. No. 2, Hoboken, N. J.
Empire Engine Co. No, 8, West Hoboken, N. J.
Stevens Hose Co. No. 3, Hoboken. N. J.
Elysian Engine Co. No. 4, Hoboken, N. J.
Baldwin Hose Co. Weehawken, N. J.




Major Charles Hoffmann.


Rudolph Frech,
J. Koelisch,
L. Johnson,
Henry Dean,
Peter Wise.

Sixth Battalion Germania Schuetzen Bund. A. Paul, Captain.
Hoboken Schuetzen Corps. Louis Finke, Captain.
Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Corps. August Bewig, Captain.
Union Hill Schuetzen Corps. John E. Wichman, Captain.
Italian Union Brotherhood. Joseph Gilardoni, Commander.
Seventh Battalion Germania Schuetzen Bund. Major John Hoefhie, Commanding.
First Battalion Germania Schuetzen Bund. Major Frommken, Commanding.
German Kreiger Bund. Captain F. Treiber, Commanding.

II. Commanders upon the arrival of the several organizations

at the street designated in General Orders No. 1, for the formation of their Division, will halt and report their command to the Division Marshal, who will place such organization under the direction of one of his Aides, who will conduct it to its place in the Division column. Division Marshals will have the formation of their Divisions perfected, take Post at the right of their column, and await the signal to march, at 2:15 o'clock. The following distances will be preserved during the march: Between Divisions, fifty feet; between Division Marshals and their Aides, nine feet; between organizations comprising a Division, twenty feet. All commanding officers will salute the reviewing officer, color-bearers will at the same time droop the colors of their organizations. The formation of Divisions will be for G. A. R. Posts in single rank, platoons of twelve men front, marching at half distance.

III. So much of General Orders No. 1 as relates to the line of march will be changed as follows: The line of march will be down Washington street to Ferry, to Garden, to Tenth, to Hudson, to the Monument, where the ceremonies of the unveiling will take place. Division Marshals will mass their commands around the Monument, in accordance with instructions to be given hereafter. Visiting organizations will be passed free over the Hoboken Ferry from New York.

IV. The honors of a marching salute will be rendered to His Excellency Robert S. Green, Governor of New Jersey; Comrade, General W. T. Sherman; Ransom Post No. 131, Department of Missouri; General Horatio C. King, Hon. August Grassmann, Mayor, and the Common Council of the City of Hoboken, at the City Hall. A marching salute will be rendered to the Grand Marshal at Hudson and Seventh streets.

Should the name of any organization be omitted in this order, the commander of such organization will report to the Division Marshal in whose Division he properly belongs.

The Staff of the Grand Marshal will assemble at Hexamer's Riding Academy at one o'clock p. m., mounted.

By command of

Grand Marshal B. FRANKLIN HART.

Signature of Franklin Hart.jpg

Adjutant General

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