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Harper's Magazine
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Date Title Commments
1864-07-02July 2, 1864 General Robert Edward Lee HW cover article
1872-01-02January, 1872 Holland and the Hollanders HNMM, by Junius Henri Browne
1872-02-13February 1872 Explosion of Gun-Cotton at Stowmarket HNMM
1872-02-26February 1872 Cure of Flatulence HNMM
1872-02-28February 1872 Acridine, a New Anthracene Derivative HNMM
1873-01-28January 1873 Christmas Throughout Christendom HNMM, by O. M. Spencer
1876-03-28March 1876 The Principalities of the Danube HNMM
1876-04-28April 1876 The Tulip Mania HNMM
1877June 1877 The Mohawk Valley During the Revolution HNMM, by Harold Frederic
1884-03-28March 1884 With Husky-Haughty Lips, O Sea! HNMM, by Walt Whitman
1884-09-01September 1884 A Run Ashore at Queenstown HNMM
1893-10-01October 1893 “Manifest Destiny” HNMM, by Carl Schurz
1897-11-01November 1897 Daniel Webster HNMM, by Carl Schurz
1898-03-01March 1898 Stirring Times in Austria HNMM, by Mark Twain
1899-09-01September 1899 Concerning the Jews HW, by Mark Twain
1899-12-28December 1899 The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg HNMM, by Mark Twain
1900-05-01May 1900 The Trial, Execution, and Burial of Homer Phelps HNMM, by Stephen Crane
1900-11-01November 1900 A Desertion HNMM, by Stephen Crane
1905-04-08April 8, 1905 A Humane Word from Satan HW, by Mark Twain
1906-05-26May 26, 1906 Carl Schurz, Pilot HW, by Mark Twain
1906-05-26May 26, 1906 Carl Schurz 1829-1906 HW, by W. D. Howells
1910-10-29October 29, 1910 Halloween Failure HW, by Carlyle Smith
1916-11-28November 1916 The War Prayer HNMM, by Mark Twain



  • HNMM = Harper's New Monthly Magazine
  • HW = Harper's Weekly
  • HB = Harper's Bazaar



  • Harper's Monthly Magazine 1910-04: Vol 120 Iss 719 (external scan)

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