Heaven and Hell

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Heaven and Hell  (1905)  by Emanuel Swedenborg, translated by John C. Ager
or, Heaven and its Wonders and Hell

Latin version published in 1758, Heaven and Hell is an account by Emanuel Swedenborg of his claimed experiences in Heaven and Hell.

Note:The bracked numbers ([2],[3],etc.) indicate the divisions that are employed in Pott's Swedenborg Concordance.


Title Page
Translator's Note
Preface Concerning Heaven and Hell (n. 1)

I The God of Heaven is the Lord (n. 2-6)
II It is the Divine of the Lord that Makes Heaven (n. 7-12)
III In Heaven the Divine of the Lord is Love to Him and Charity Towards the Neighbor (n. 13-19)
IV Heaven is Divided into Two Kingdoms (n. 20-28)
V There are Three Heavens (n. 29-40)
VI The Heavens Consist of Innumerable Societies (n. 41-50)
VII Each Society is a Heaven in Smaller Form, and each Angel in the Smallest Form (n. 51-58)
VIII All Heaven in the Aggregate Reflects a Single Man (n. 59-67)
IX Each Society in Heaven Reflects a Single Man (n. 68-72)
X Therefore Every Angel is in a Complete Human Form (n. 73-77)
XI It is from the Lord’s Divine Human that Heaven as a Whole and in Part Reflects Man (n. 78-86)
XII There is a Correspondence of All Things Heaven with All Things of Man (n. 87-102)
XIII There is a Correspondence of Heaven with All Things of the Earth (n. 103-115)
XIV The Sun in Heaven (n. 116-125)
XV Light and Heat in Heaven (n. 126-140)
XVI The Four Quarters in Heaven (n. 141-153)
XVII Changes of State of the Angels in Heaven (n. 154-161)
XVIII Time in Heaven (n. 162- 169)
XIX Representatives and Appearances in Heaven (n. 170-176)
XX The Garments with which Angels Appear Clothed (n. 177-182)
XXI The Places of Abode and Dwellings of Angels (n. 183-190)
XXII Space in Heaven (n. 191-199)
XXIII The Form of Heaven which Determines Affiliations and Communications There (n. 200-212)
XXIV Governments in Heaven (n. 213-220)
XXV Divine Worship in Heaven (n. 221-227)
XXVI The Power of the Angels of Heaven (n. 228-233)
XXVII The Speech of Angels (n. 234-245)
XXVIII The Speech of Angels with Man (n. 246-257)
XXIX Writings in Heaven (n. 258-264)
XXX The Wisdom of the Angels of Heaven (n. 265-275)
XXXI The State of Innocence of Angels in Heaven (n. 276-283)
XXXII The State of Peace in Heaven (n. 284- 290)
XXXIII The Conjunction of Heaven with the Human Race (n. 291-302)
XXXIV The Conjunction of Heaven with Man by Means of the Word (n. 303-310)
XXXV Heaven and Hell are from the Human Race (n. 311-317)
XXXVI The Heathen, or Peoples Outisde of the Church, in Heaven (n. 318-328)
XXXVII Little Children in Heaven (n. 329-345)
XXXVIII The Wise and the Simple in Heaven (n. 346-356)
XXXIXThe Rich and the Poor in Heaven (n. 357-365)
XL Marriages in Heaven (n. 366-386)
XLI The Employments of Angels in Heaven (n. 387-394)
XLII Heavenly Joy and Happiness (n. 395-414)
XLIII The Immensity of Heaven (n. 415-420)

The World of Spirits[edit]

XLIV What the World of Spirits is (n. 421-431)
XLV In Respect to His Interiors every Man is a Spirit (n. 432-444)
XLVI The Resuscitation of Man from the Dead and His Entrance into Eternal Life (n. 445-452)
XLVII Man After Death is in a Complete Human Form (n. 453- 460)
XLVIII After Death Man is Possessed of Every Sense, and of all the Memory, Thought, and Affection, that He Had in the World, leaving Nothing Behind except His Earthly Body (n. 461-469)
XLIX Man After Death is such as His Life Had Been in the World (n. 470-484)
L The Delights of Every One's Life are Changed after Death into Things that Correspond (n. 485-490)
LI The First State of Man After Death (n. 491-498)
LII The Second State of Man After Death (n. 499-511)
LIII Third State of Man After Death, which is a State of Instruction for Those who Enter Heaven (n. 512-520)
LIV No One Enters Heaven by Mercy Apart from Means (n. 521-527)
LV It is not so Difficult to Live the Life that Leads to Heaven as is Believed (n. 528-535)


LVI The Lord Rules the Hells (n. 536-544)
LVII The Lord Casts No One into Hell; the Spirit Casts Himself Down (n. 545-550)
LVIII All who are in the Hells are in Evils and in Falsities Therefrom Derived from the Loves of Self and of the World (n. 551-565)
LIX What Hell Fire Is, and what the Gnashing of Teeth Is (n. 566-575)
LX The Malice and Heinous Artifices of Infernal Spirits (n. 576-581)
LXI The Appearance, Situation, and Number of the Hells (n. 582-588)
LXII The Equilibrium Between Heaven and Hell (n. 589-596)
LXIII By Means of the Equilibrium Between Heaven and Hell Man is in Freedom (n. 597-603)