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CAFFREY, Edward, born Apr. 25, 1844, in parish of Vilkenstown, Navan, co. Meath; went diocesan semin. of Navan; admitted Sept. 30, 1865; ord. priest Dec. 18, 1869; left May 29, 1870; at Douglas, Widnes, and Liverpool till went to Barrow, 1879, where died Oct. 10, 1899, aged 55.

CAHALAN, Wilfrid, admitted Apr. 9, 1890; ord. priest; and left Apr. 12, 1899; now at Rochdale.

CALLAGHAN, Michael, admitted March 15, 1837; alumnus Dec. 13, 1844; left in deacon s orders, Mar. 17, 1846.

CALVERT, Philip, born at Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, son of Sir George Calvert, first Baron of Baltimore, co. Longford, in Ireland, by Anne, dau. of George Wynne, of Hertingfordbury, co. Herts, Esq.; admitted June 9, 1642; publicly defended theses in philosophy, June 20, 1646; left Apr. 7, 1647.

CAREW, Henry, son of Thomas Carew, Esq., of Devonshire, by Anne Clifford his wife, admitted as a convictor, Apr. 29, 1659; left Jan. 14, 1660.

CAREY, Charles, vide Savage.

CAREY, Richard, vide Savage.

CARR, Edwin, admitted Sept. 12, 1875; left Eeb. 8, 1878; proceeded to Ushaw and the seminary Leeds, and ord. priest Aug. 25, 1889; now at Batley Carr, Dewsbury.

CARTER, John, probably son of Robert Carter, of Thistleton, co. Lancaster, yeoman, a Catholic non-juror in 1717, who died in 1721; admitted Aug. 17, 1727, on the Radcliffe Fund; ord. priest and sent to England, July 17, 1736; stationed at St. Laurence's, Newhouse, near Preston, in or before 1741, till death, Oct. 18, 1789. He was assisted at Newhouse by his nephew, Rev. James Carter, alias Mawdesley, from about 1762.

CARTMELL, Henry, admitted June 13, 1871; left July 28, 1876; proceeded to Ushaw College, where ord. priest, Aug. 10, 1883; now at Whittingham, Northumberland.

CASSIN, Thomas, admitted June 16, 1866; alumnus May 17, 1875; died Aug. 16, 1875.

CASWELL, Joseph, born Apr. 16, 1802, son of Joseph and Eleanor Caswell of Sedgley, Staffordshire; went to Sedgley Park School; admitted July n, 1816, but left same year.

CATON, Thomas, born Sept. 26, and baptized by Rev. Nic. Skelton, Oct. 3, 1756, son of John Caton and his wife Anne Gregson, of Lancaster; admitted on Rev. Jno. Shepperd's Fund, Oct. 30, 1768; ord. priest March u, 1780; left for the mission 1782; stationed at Alston Lane, Lancashire, till 1785, where removed to Towneley Hall; Culcheth Hall, June n, 1791, till June 29, 1792, so to Formby; returned to Towneley Hall (Burnley mission) in or before 1798; Cottam, July 24, 1812 till death, Aug. 14, 1826, aged almost 70.

CATON, William, born in London, June 5, 1782, son of Robert Caton, of the old Lancashire family of that name, by Mary Thornborough his wife, was baptized by the Rev. Rowland Davies, confirmed by Bishop Douglass; sent to Sedgley Park School, 1795; admitted Oct. 9, 1795; left without taking orders.

CAWLEY, Thomas I., admitted Aug. 25, 1848; alumnus Apr. 5, 1867; ord. priest Dec. 18, 1869; D.D.; professor to date.

CHALLONER, Edward, born May, 1640, son of Edward Challoner and his wife Jane Harrison, of Speke, co. Lancaster, admitted Nov. 9, 1660; died in the College, Aug. 29, 1662. The family were staunch recusants, of the yeomary class, and their names frequently appear in Catholic, records.

CHARNOCK, Richard, vide Arundel.

CHARNOCK, Robert, son of Roger Charnock, Esq., of Blacklach House, subsequently known as the Old Hall, Ley land, co. Lancaster, by Anne dau. of Robert Man ley,, of Sprotton, co. Northampton, and of Rosliston, co. Derby, Esq.; admitted Sept. i, 1633, under the alias of Manley; alumnus June 29, 1635; ord. priest Apr. 26, 1639; left for England, Apr. 14, 1640; inherited his paternal estate after the death of his elder brother William; resided at Blacklach, in which was the chapel, and served the Leyland mission; was archdeacon of the Chapter, pro notarius apostolicus, and grand vicar in Lancashire; died at Blacklach, Feb. 2, 1670-1.

CHRIMPSEY, John and William, vide Skinner.

CLARENCE, Peter, was nominated president by Bishop Smith and Anthony Champney, dean of the Chapter, Apr. 8, 1637 or 1638, but being at the time in prison or under bond for appearance, he did not arrive at the College till June, 1638. He resigned and left for England, June 29, 1642. It is stated that he had been educated at the English College at Seville. Presumably he is identical with Peter Curtis, born at Andover, Hants, 1595, son of Thomas Curtis and his wife Jane Burton, of Longparish, Hants. This gentleman belonged to an ancient family of Curtis, of Enborne, near Nexvbury, co. Berks, but being reduced in circumstances engaged in business at Andover. Peter was one of the youngest of nine sons. One of his two sisters was a Poor Clare at Rouen. Four of his brothers joined the Society, and the eldest, Fr. Thomas Curtis, S.J., sent him to St. Omer's College, in 1614. Thence he was sent to the English College at Seville, returned to Belgium for a year's philosophy under the Jesuits till, Sept. 29, 1621, he was admitted into the English College at Rome, where he was ordained priest June 24, and sent to England, Sept. 16, 1625. He was discharged from prison under bond for his appearance in 1634, but again was apprehended and confined in Newgate about 1637. If the identification is correct, he prudently adopted the alias of Clarence upon assuming the position of president at Lisbon in 1638, and after his return to England in 1642, used the alias of Peterson, perhaps after his older namesake, Peter Peterson, who matriculated at Douay in 1605, and was possibly a relative. He became canon and treasurer of the Chapter, and in that capacity took part in the controversy with Dr. George Leyburne. On Jan. 4, 1660-1, he was appointed vicar in solidum, and was secretary, pro tem. in 1667. He died in Holborn, London, July 5, 1673, aged 78. He established a fund at the College called the " Curtis Fund."

CLARKE, Augustine, born Coventry, 1871; went to St. Wilfrid's College, Cheadle; admitted Sept. 23, 1891; ord. priest Mar. 13, and left May 25, 1897; at Birkenhead 1897-8; Altrincham 1898-9; died at Gunnersbury House, Isleworth, Oct. 7, 1899, aged 28.

CLARKE, Francis, admitted Sept. 6, 1883; left Sept. 21, 1884; ord. priest at St. Bernard's Seminary, Olton, Feb. 25, 1888; now at Miles Platting, Manchester.

CLARKE, Peter, admitted Sept. 15, 1863; alumnus Dec. 10, 1869; ord. priest; left Jan. 23, 1873; at Ince, Wigan, 1873-7.

CLAYTON, Francis, vide Humphrey Whitaker.

CLEGG, George Benjamin, admitted Jan. 23, 1848; alumnus Nov. 30, 1853; ord. priest; superior; left Apr. 9, 1858; now at Neston, Cheshire, and provost of Shrewsbury.

CLEMENTS, Alfred William, admitted Aug. i, 1872; ord. priest Dec. 23, 1882; left Apr. 3, 1883; now at Barking.

CLIFFE, John, born at Preston, Lane., Sept., n, 1799, son of Lawrence and Elizabeth Cliffe, bapt. by Rev. Robert Blacoe; admitted Oct. 20, 1817; alumnus Jan. 7, 1821; died in the College Aug. 20, 1822.

CLIFFORD, William, son of Henry Clifford, of Brackenbury, co. Lincoln, Esq., by his wife Eliz., dau. of Richard Thimelby, of Irnharn Hall, co. Lincoln, Esq., was heir to the barony of Clifford; ordained priest at Douay College, after which spent ten years on the mission in England; came to Lisbon as vice-president in May, 1630, under the alias of Mansell; left Oct. 23, 1634. The preservation of the College is said to have been largely owing to his prudence, patience and piety. Next engaged in the government of Tournay College, at Paris, and after some years retired to the Hospital des Incurables, where he died, Apr. 30, 1670. Author of Christian Rules, Paris, 1652, and other works vide Bibl. Dict. Engl. Caths. Vol. I.

CODY, George Elphege; admitted Sept. 15, 1863; left May 13, 1865; joined the English Benedictine Congregation, and ord. priest Dec. 20, 1873; died 1891.

COFFIN, Edward, vide Biddlecorne.

COLEGATE, John Paul, born May 14, 1783, son of William Colegate and his wife Eliz. Perkins, of Feversham, Kent, protestants; bapt. conditionally by Rev. Wm. Poynter (subsequently bishop), and confirmed by Bp. Douglass; went Old Hall, 1801; admitted Feb. 19, 1802; ord. priest, and retained as a superior till death, 1813.

COLLINGRIDGE, Ignatius, born at Dover, Kent, July 2, 1807, son of William and Eliz. Collingriclge, and nephew of Bishop Peter Bernardine Collingridge, V.A.-W.D.; went Sedgley Park, 1817-19; admitted June 29, 1818; alumnus Dec. 3, 1826; left April, 1828; went Oscott College, 1828, and ord. priest Dec. 6, 1831; stationed for nearly 40 years at Winchester, whence retired to Clifton Wood Convent, where he acted as chaplain, and died June n, 1889, aged 81. Published various sermons.

COLLINGWOOD, William, son of Edwin Thos. Collingwood, of Corby, co. Lincoln, Esq.; admitted May 4, 1885; left for the Eng. Coll., Rome, Oct. 7, 1891, where took degree of D.D.; ord. priest at St. John Lateran, Dec. 21, 1895; at Nottingham, 1896-8; Glossop, 1898 to date.

COLSTON, William, son of Edward and Penelope Colston, of London; alumnus Oct. 30, and ordained priest Nov. 13, 1678; left for mission Sept. 22, 1680, and for several years was agent for the College in London; elected canon of the Chapter, June 2, 1690; died in London, Dec. 4, 1695. He bequeathed £25 per annum for the education of a student at the College.

CONSITT, Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Consitt, of Hull, bapt. by Rev. Thomas Gillow; admitted Aug. 15, 1814; left 1816.

CONWAY, Richard, admitted Nov. 13, 1869; alumnus Dec. 20, 1875; left Oct. 5, 1880; ord. priest Aug. 28, 1881; now at Parson s-green, London.

COOP, Thomas, born March 15, 1782, son of Thomas Coop, of Prestwich, Lancashire, and his wife Elizabeth Bradshaw; admitted July 17, 1795.

COOPER, William, son of Wm. and Anne Cooper; born April n, 1802; went to Sedgley Park School, 1815; admitted July n, 1816; returned to England, and died after a few months.

CORBISHLEY, Samuel, born March 24, 1759, son of John Corbishley, of Goosnargh, co. Lancaster, and his wife Grace Gornall; educated at Sedgley Park School; admitted March 21, 1783; ord. priest Apr. 11, 1789, and retained as a superior till 1808; died at Hardwick, Oxon, Dec. 25, 1830.

COTTERELL, Charles, probably son of John Cotterell, a convert, late of Solihull, co. Warwick; born at Birming ham, Apr., 1748, and baptized by Er. Felix Englefield, O.S.F.; confirmed by Bishop James Talbot in 1762; admitted on Revell s Fund; further particulars wanting. He was brother to Fr. Thomas Cotterell, O.S.F., who died at Osmotherley, Aug. 26, 1816.

COURTENAY, Thomas Nicholas, admitted; proceeded to Eng. Coll. Rome; ord. priest June n, 1881, and took degree of D.D.; returned as a superior to Lisbon, 18838; left for the mission, and at Barnstaple, 1888-9; Penzance, 1889-94; made canon of Portsmouth, 1894, and now V.G., and at Bishop s House, Portsmouth.

CRAVEN, William, born Feb. 27, 1799, son of John Craven, of Clayton Green, co. Lancaster, gent., and his wife Margt., dau. of Jaspar Gibson, of Hexham, attorney-atlaw, eld. son of Jaspar Gibson, of Stonecroft, Hexham, Esq.; went Sedgley Park School, 1811-14; admitted Ocf 12, 1814; left March, 1816. His brother, Jaspar Craven, who went to Sedgley Park in 1806, and afterwards to Ushaw College, returned as a master to the Park, 1822-38, subsequently came out to Lisbon to be master in the school established by Dr. Ilsley, and died there in Sept., 1862.

CRAWLEY, Michael, went to Sedgley Park School, 1854-61; admitted Oct. 3, 1861; alumnus Feb. 18, 1864; left July 9, 1864; at Ushaw Coll., 1864-5; ord. priest at Stockport, Dec. 17, 1865; now at Sale, Cheshire, and canon of Shrewsbury.

CRIMEN, John, admitted Oct. 1, 1708; left June 1, 1713.

CROFT, Thomas, born June 21, 1835, son of Henry Croft and his wife Hannah Sudlow, of Liverpool; admitted with his brother William, Sept. 9, 1847; ord. priest; left July 24, 1861, and placed at Swansea; now invalided at Lyme Regis.

CROFT, William, born Oct. 14, 1836, brother of Thomas, q.v.; admitted Sept., 9, 1847; ord. priest, and retained as a superior; left June 1, 1865; now at Lincoln, and canon of Nottingham, and V.G., 1902.

CROOK, William, born at Rishton, Lancashire; admitted Oct. 8, 1872; alumnus Dec. 3, 1880; left Oct. 2, 1882; ord. priest at Salford, Dec. 23, 1882; at Barton-on-Irwell, but died of consumption at his mother s house, Brindle, June 21, 1886.

CROPPER, John, born in Lancashire, July 16, 1742, and baptized by Rev. Wm. Grimbaldeston of Wrightington; admitted May 8, 1755; confirmed at Lisbon, June n, 1756.

CROSBY, James, went with his brother Charles to Sedgley Park School, 1764, thence sent to Lisbon; ord. priest; appointed vice-president, Oct. 1781; left for the mission, 1789, and died at Hales Place, Canterbury, seat of the Hales family, Nov. 30, 1819.

CROSS, Andrew, admitted June 17, 1713; ran away, Jan. 16, 1716. He is probably identical with Andrew Cross, of Oulton, co. Stafford, gent., son of George Cross, who, as a Catholic non-juror, returned in 1717 a fair estate at Oulton and at Sutton. Andrew was probably younger brother to Rowland and Thomas, below, and also to Peter Cross; Andrew and Peter were certainly nephews of the Rev. Wm. Fitter who served the mission at Oulton for some time.

CROSS, Rowland, and his brother Thomas became alumni Nov. 9 and Nov. 8, 1692, respectively.

CROUCHER, Christopher, born, and baptized by Rev. Richard Kendal, Feb. 21, 1733, son of Ralph Croucher, of Midhurst, Sussex; admitted on the Godden Fund, March 17, 1746; ord. priest March 20, 1757; became vice-president by nomination of Bishops Benj. Petre and Rich. Challoner, Nov. 27, 1759; died in the College, Aug. 7, 1765.

CURTIS, Peter, vide Clarence.

CUTAJAR, Henry, admitted Nov. 13, 1869; alumnus April 5, 1878; left Jan. 1880; ord. priest Mar. 12, 1881; now at Stoke Newington, London.

DANBY, John, a native of Yorkshire; alumnus Apr. 17, 1688; ord. priest, Dec. 21, 1689; sent England, Jan. 2, 1693; living on the mission in Yorkshire in July, 1698.

DANIEL, Edward, vide Pickford.

DANIEL, George, born Apr. 23, 1802, son of Charles and Elizabeth Daniel, was baptised at Aston, Staffordshire, by Rev. Mr. Maraih; went Sedgley Park School, 1814; admitted July u, 1816; returned to England in ill-health, and after a few days died piously in London.

DARCY, Francis, son of Francis Darcy, of Northamptonshire, admitted Nov. 16, 1652.

DAVIES, Peter Augustine, born at Great Crosby, Lancashire, 1812; went Sedgley Park School; admitted Nov. 9, 1826; alumnus Dec. 8, 1834; ord. priest 1839, and retained as professor; left July 6, 1847, and placed at Walsall till 1848; professor of theology at Oscott College, Nov. 1848-Mid., 1849, thence Sedgley Park School till 1850; Stoke-upon-Trent, 1850-1; SS. Peter & Paul, Wolverhampton, 1851-3; Bilston, 1853-63; Bloxwich, where erected new church and schools, 1863-85; retired to his relatives at Liverpool, and died at his sister's at Bootle, Nov. 16, 1891, aged 78.

DAVIS, George, born Jan. 6, 1786, son of Pranzelo and Jane Davis, of London, and baptized conditionally by Rev. Wm. Fryer; went to Sedgley Park School, 1797; admit. May 1, 1809; left ——.

DAVIS, John, born Oct. 7, 1837; went Sedgeley Park 1847-50; admitted July 16, 1850; ord. priest Dec. 27, 1862; left April 25, 1863; at Fitzroy-sq. 1863-4; at Ogle-street 1846-7 Lincoln s-Inn-Fields 1867-81; Harwich, 1881-3 5 Sunbury-on-Thames, 1883 till death at Oporto whilst on a visit to Lisbon, May 28, 1898, aged 60, and buried in the College vault in the Praseres cemetery.

DAVIS, Thomas, born Dec. 8, 1839; went to Sedgley with bro. John, q.v., 1847-52; admitted July 20, 1852; ord. priest June 19, 1863; left July 31, 1864; at St. Anne's, Blackburn, 1864-8; Longridge, 1868-71; Stratford, 1871-2; Poplar, 1873-4; Ogle-street, 1874-7; Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, London, 1877-81; Harwich, 1881-3; Sunbury-on-Thames, 1883 to date.

DAWSON, Thomas G., admitted Oct. 8, 1867; alumnus Dec. 22, 1871; left Dec. 15, 1874; ord. priest at St. Edward s College, Liverpool, Jan. 17, 1875; thence to Westby, 1877-82; Bootle, 1882-3; subsequently at Woolston; and now at Ditton Hall.

DAY, William vide Talbot.

DENNETT, James, born Dec. 20, 1767, son of Win. Dennett, of Eccleston, Lancashire, and his wife Mary Valentine; educated at Rev. Simon George Bordley s School; admitted Nov. 30, 1785; ord. priest, Dec. 25, 1794, and retained as a superior; left 1798, and succeeded his old master, Rev. S. G. Bordley, at Aughton; erected new chapel at Aughton, 1823; and after serving that mission for 47 years, retired to Ormskirk in 1845; where died March 5, 1850; and was buried at Windleshaw.

DIAS SANTOS, Emanuel, born in London, Feb. 8, 1770, and baptized by Rev. Henry Peach, son of Cajetan Dias Santos, a Portuguese gentleman, who settled at Pilgrim Hatch, Essex, and married Anne Tudor, an English lady; went, with his brother John, to Old Hall College, Feb., 1776-July, 1780, thence to the English Dominican convent at Bornhem, Flanders, July 8, 17801792, and finished his novitiate at Louvain, where he took the religious name of Thomas; upon the French revolution came with his co-religious to London, and having been secularized came to Lisbon, and admitted Sept. 9, 1797; ord. priest Dec. 25, 1799, retained as superior, till sent to England, March 24, 1802, and rejoined his old confreres, the Dominicans, late of Bornhem, at their school at Carshalton, Surrey, till after the demise of his father, July 3, 1813, when he settled at Braganza Cottage, Pilgrim Hatch, manor of Downsels, near South Weald, and died, on a visit to Margate, April 19, 1834, aged 64.

DOD, Francis, probably a native of Staffordshire; alumnus July 12, 1693; ord. subdeacon Apr. 24, 1696; ord. priest; sent to England, Apr. 29, 1698. Was at Chillington, co. Stafford, 1702; said to have carried out Rev. Dan. Fitter s bequest for an itinerant priest in Staffordshire; died May 12, 1734.

DODD, Robert, born Feb. 3, 1767, son of Edward Dodd and his wife Cath. Thomas, of the suburbs of London, in Surrey; admitted Oct. 29, 1779, expelled March 4, 1783.

DORAN, Bernard, admitted Dec. 22, 1850; alumnus Nov. 30, 1857; ord. priest; left July 24, 1861; Gravesend, 1861-2; Portsea, 1862-88; Southampton, 1888-90; Bootle, Liverpool, 1890-1; Woolstone, Southampton, 1891-2; Winchester, 1892-3; Southsea, 1893-5 " retired, Southsea, 1895-7, an ^ at Southport, Lancashire, 1897 till death, Feb. 18, 1900.

DOWLING, John, born Aug. 27, 1780, son of Joseph Dowling, and his wife, Kath. Dunn, of London; baptized by Rev. John Lee, conditionally, and confirmed by Bishop Douglass; admitted May 1, 1801.

DOWLING, John, admitted Dec. 21, 1822; ord. priest May 26, 1828, retained as superior, left June 7, 1835.

DOWLING, William, admitted Jan 13, 1864; ord. priest, May 22, and left July 13, 1875; Salford, 1875-6; St. Patrick s, Manchester, 1876-7; Ancoats, 1877-82; St. Augustine s, 1882-8; Heywood, 1888-9; off mission, 1889 5 St. Joseph s, Stockport, 1890-3; Mold, 1893-7; went to America.

DOWNES, James Francis, admitted Oct. 16, 1868; ord. priest Dec. 21, 1872; left, June 5, 1873; now at St. Patrick s Bradford.

DOYLE, Daniel, admitted Nov. 23, 1875; ord. priest Dec. 18, 1880; left May 12, 1881; Wavertree, 1881-8; Barrow-in-Furness, 1888-9 5 joined the Franciscans. DOYLE, William, admitted Sept. 27, 1864; left Dec. 15, 1874, and ord. priest Jan. 17, 1875; Barrow-in-Furness, 1875-80; Douglas, 1880-6.

DRURY, Mark, vide Harrington.

DUCKETT, Richard, son, by his first wife, of Thomas Duckett, of Preston, Lancashire, sculptor, descended from a recusant family of long standing at Alston-cum-Hothersall, the name being originally spelt Duckworth but pronounced Ducket, which hitter form was adopted by the family some time before its removal to Claughton in the 18th century; admitted Jan. 14, 1847; alumnus Nov. 30, 1853; ordained priest; received the degree of D.D., through the nuncio from Rome, and retained as a professor till 1876, when came to St. John s, Norwich, where still remains.

DUNFORD, John, admitted Dec. 13, 1881; alumnus Feb. 28, 1889; ord. priest, Dec. 17, 1892; left March 9, 1893; now at Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.

DUVALL, Edward, vide Bridges.

DYMOCK, Robert, vide Heywood.

EDEN, James, of an ancient family seated at West Auckland, co. Durham, after studying Latin and Greek classics in England, was admitted under alias of Clare, 1683; took the College oath and gown in his first year's divinity, Sept. 7, 1686, but was afterwards expelled for misconduct. Then went to Watten in Flanders, the novitiate of the English Jesuits, who sent him to the English College at Rome, where admitted by Father Ant. Lucas, S.J., the rector, Jan. 10, 1689, and in March, 1690, was ord. priest. Having taken the oath of Pope Alex. VII. at Lisbon, a dispensation was obtained, and he entered the Society, but was afterwards ejected. This is one of the many names omitted from Bro. Foley s version of the Diary of the English College, Rome.

EDEN, William Martin, admitted Feb., 1865; alumnus Feb, 22, 1866; ord. priest, and a superior until death, Jan. 20, 1894.

EDWARDS, Robert, son of Edward ap David and his wife Elizabeth Clough, of Denbigh; admitted June 13, 1660; ord. priest Sept. 8, 1664; became professor of philosophy May i, 1670, and prefect of studies Jan. i, 1671; came to the English mission; elected by the Old Chapter archdeacon of North Wales, Dec. 8, 1671; died 1685 in Flintshire, probably at Upper Bettisfield Hall, parish of Hanmer, a seat of the Fowlers.

EGERTON, John, of an ancient Cheshire family; alumnus Jan. 9, diaconate Jan. 10, 1672; ord. priest; sent Eng land, May 3, 1677.

ELLIS, Humphrey, vide Waring.

ELLIS, William, vide Edward Waring.

ERRINGTON, William, a native of Yorkshire, admitted July 15, 1684; alumnus Nov. 9, 1692; dedicated his thesis of Universal philosophy to Queen Catharine; ord. priest May, 1693; sent England, Apr. 25, 1695, and became chaplain to the Salvins at Croxdale Hall, co. Durham, where he died Feb. 12, 1732-3, bequeathing his effects for the benefit of the Croxdale mission.

EYRE, Robert, vide Fitzherbert.

EYRE, Thomas, admitted Oct. 5, 1859; alumnus Dec. 11, 1861; left Apr. 27, 1863; ord. priest at Sheffield, May 21, 1864; now at St. Bede's, Rotherham.