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ILSLEY, Joseph, born Dec. 20, 1805, son of Joseph and Jane Ilsley, of Maple Durham, co. Oxon., admit. June 29, 1819; ord. priest Dec. 3, 1826, and retained in the College, as professor; appointed president June 20, 1854, and received degree of D.D.; created a Knight of the Order of the Immaculada Conceiçao; resigned on account of failing health, 1863; returned to England, and appointed rector of Scorton, Lancs., where died, Aug. 30, 1868, aged 62.

IRELAND, James Bladworth, born Feb. 3, 1773, son of John Ireland and his wife Eliz. Bladworth, of Exley, Essex; went Sedgley Park School, 1784-8; admit. Feb. 7, 1788.

IRELAND, Walter, admitted Oct. 16, 1865; left for Institut Eccl. Yvetôt, and ord. priest Dec. 29, 1878; now president of St. Wilfrid's College, Staffordshire.

JARRETT, John, son of Mr. Jarrett, of London; admitted May 10, 1659; left Jan. 21, 1660.

JEFFRIES, Clement, came from Sedgley Park School and admitted Aug. 13, 1824; alumnus May 26, 1828; ord. priest, and sent England, May, 1833; died at St. Peter s, Birmingham, May 2, 1848, aged 38.

JENKINSON, Christopher, son of Richard Jenkinson, of Brackenlea, in Nether Wyresdale, co. Lancaster, gent.; admitted May 20, 1693; defended his universal philo sophy under Mr. George Slaughter, July 13, 1701; alum nus Dec. 21, 1701; taught classics; ord. priest, and appointed procurator Sept. 22, 1711; sent England, June 12, 1713; settled at his father s house at Brackenlea, whence he attended to the Catholics of Nether Wyresdale; also served Fox Houses in Scorton, and at Nateby Hall, the seat of the Leyburnes. In 1716 proceedings were taken against his father by the Commissioners for Forfeited Estates on account of his alleged participation in the Stuart rising of 1715. Mr. Jenkinson continued to serve the mission till his death, Sept. 2, 1723, much respected and regretted by his flock.

JENNYNS, Charles, 7th son of Anthony Jennyns, Esq., and younger brother of Jerome Jennyns, q.v.; admitted Aug. 15, 1647; sent to Douay College, where he used the alias of Newport, took the oaths July 22, 1651, and June 4, 1653; was. ord. priest, and sent to the mission; there he was " a good missioner for some years," but died at Paris, Dec. 16, 1677, aged about 50.

JENNYNS, Charles, probably nephew of Charles and Jerome, q.v.; was admitted under the alias of Tillingham, Jan. 3, 1667; ord. priest; left for England, June 18, 1681.

JENNYNS, Jerome, born Feb. 1621, 5th son of Anthony Jennyns, of Dunmow, Essex, Esq., by Eliz. dau. of Robt. Brooke, of Barkway, co. Hertford, Esq.; admitted Nov. 4, 1642; ord. priest March 12, 1649 appointed procurator, July 26, 1649 5 probably sent to England, Apr. 1652; elected archdeacon of the Chapter, March 6, 1675-6.

JERNINGHAM, George, son of George Jerningham, Esq.; admitted under the alias of Wotton, Oct. 1, 1636; left Dec. 21, 1637.

JOHNSON, Charles, son of Henry Johnson, probably the gentleman-volunteer who lost his life in the royal cause during the civil wars; admitted May 1, 1659; recalled to England, March 22, 1660. JOHNSON, John, vide Keelinge.

JOHNSON, Thomas, vide Harrington.

JONES, Edward, born Oct. 25, 1667, son of Francis and Anne Jones, of Stafford; admitted 1684; oath, Apr. 17, 1688; ord. priest Nov. 11, 1691; appointed professor of philosophy, Sept. 1, 1692, and confessarius, Sept. 17, 1697; paid brief visit to England on family affairs, and on return appointed vice-president and professor of theology, Oct. 1, 1699; constituted regent to President Watkinson, June 1, 1706; presented to the presidency by Bp. Giffard, Nov. 28, 1707, and promoted to the rectory of the English residence, March 8, 1708; resigned April, 1729; resumed the presidency, Sept. 1732; died in the College, Dec. 23, 1738.

JONES, Henry, born Liverpool, 1822; admitted Oct. 6, 1839; alumnus May 18, 1847; ord. priest, and left May, 1849 served in the diocese of Clifton till 1851; St. Mary s, Manchester, 1851-3; Peterborough, 1854-5; Blackrod, Lancashire, 1855-8; founded the mission at Aspull, 1858 71; Colne, 1871-3; Padiham, 1873, till death, Nov. 24, 1891, aged 69. Was dean of St. Gregory s Deanery; erected the church at Padiham.

JONES, James Austin, born 1690, son of William Jones and his wife Mary Langrack, of London, was converted to the faith in 1713, and proceeding to Rome was received into the English College, Dec. 22, 1716; ord. priest April 8, 1719; left Rome owing to ill-health before he had completed his theological course, April 14, 1720; came to Lisbon, and admitted July, 1720; returned to England, and died, Aug. 6, 1737.

JONES, John, vide Vane.

JONES, Joseph, born in London, March 20, 1714, son of John Jones and his wife Mary Redriffe, at the age of four years was taken to Spain, and was brought up and confirmed at Seville. Thence he was sent to the English College at Rome, where he was admitted May 2, 1731; in due course was ordained priest July 26, 1740, and left for England with a letter from the Cardinal Protector, Sept. 9, following. Came to Lisbon as procurator, Sept. 7, 1742, till Sept. 1750, when returned to England, and ultimately died in the Mad House in Surrey, Jan. 13, 1760, aged 45.

JONES, William, born May 17, 1784, son of Samuel Jones and his wife Anne Corbissor, of Chillington, Staffordshire; went Sedgley Park School, 1795-1802; admitted Oct. 7, 1802, on James Barnard s Fund; transferred to Oscott College, Feb. 1809, and there ord. priest, March, 1810. Served Madeley, Salop, 1813-14; Mawley, Salop, 1815-24; Longbirch, co. Stafford, 1824-30; became chaplain to the Benedictine nuns at Caverswall Castle, in 1830, and accompanied the community to Oulton Abbey, in 1853; left the Abbey, 1854, and returned to Caverswall for a short time; then retired in failing health, and finally settled at Oulton Abbey, where he died, Aug. 21, 1868, aged 84.

JONES, William Ellis, admitted Sept. 13, 1887; ord. priest Dec. 17, 1892; left Feb. 26, 1893; now at Stalybridge.

JORDAN, Andrew, admitted, but left for St. Joseph's, Upholland, where ord. priest July 31, 1898; now at Liver pool.

KAVANAGH, Charles, went to Sedgley Park School, 18225; admitted July 22, 1825; ord. priest Feb. 10, 1833; left June, 1837; at Prior Park, Bath, till 1841; Swan sea, 1841 till death, Oct. 20, 1856.

KAVANAGH, Hugo Laurence, admitted June 16, 1866; ord. priest, and left June 23, 1873; now at Market Harborough.

KAYE, John Peter, native of Lancashire, went Sedgley Park School, 1828-30; admitted Nov. 30, 1830; ord. priest, and left Aug. 9, 1842; at Witham Place, Essex, 1842-5; Colchester, 1845-8; Virginia-street, London, 1848-50; Spanish Place, London, 1850-5; Hackney, 1855, till death, March 7, 1884.

KAYE, Peter, of Lancashire; alumnus July 12, 1693; minor orders Apr. 22, 1696; ord. priest; appointed professor of philosophy, Feb. 26, 1703.

KAYE, Thomas, born Apr. 29, 1768, son of George Kaye and his wife Anne Layton, of Broughton, co. York; admitted June 8, 1782; ord. priest; sent to England, 1795, and placed at Broughton Hall, co. York, the seat of the Tempests, till Dec., 1797; subsequently became chaplain to the Benedictine nuns at Orrell Mount, near Wigan, Lancashire, where he died in 1838.

KEARNEY, James, admitted June 28, 1886; left June 23, 1893; ord. priest at Oscott, Oct. 31, 1897 now at Spetchley, co. Worcester.

KEEGAN, Gerald, admitted Dec. 28, 1872; left May 19, 1882; ord. priest Jan. 7, 1883; now at Birkenhead.

KEELINGE, John, son of John Keelinge, of the ancient Staffordshire family of that name; took oath at Douay College under alias of Johnson, March 12, 1631; sent to Lisbon, and admitted July 21, 1663; alumnus June 29, 1635; left Dec. 2, 1637.

KEENAN, John Graham, admitted Feb. u, 1870; left Dec. 21, 1879; ord. priest at St. Thomas Seminary, London, Sept. 18, 1880; army chaplain till 1891, when retired; died, 1895.

KEENS, Cornelius James, admitted Feb. 6, 1845; ord. priest, and left June 27, 1855; now at Chelsea, and canon of Westminster.

KELLY, Thomas, alias Barker, was ordained priest at Douay College in 1625, and in that year sent to the English mission. He seems to have been sent over to Lisbon by the Chapter in 1638, and on July 18, was installed procurator, and became confessor and vice-president, Sept. 15 of that year. He left the College for England, Nov. 1, 1639. He became archdeacon of the Chapter, his patent bearing date, April 29, 1657. He died in Berkshire, in the beginning of June, 1673.

KENNEDY, Daniel, admitted Sept. 28, 1878; left Oct. 3, 1885; proceeded to English Coll., Rome, and ord. priest Apr. 7, 1889; took degree of D.D.; now at Bishop s House, Plymouth.

KENRICK, Edward, admitted Sept. 18, 1831; ord. priest, and left Aug. 9, 1842; at Bollington, Cheshire, 1842-5; St. Anthony s, 1845-7, and at St. Patrick's, Liverpool, 1847, till death, Apr. 25, 1860; made canon of Liverpool, 1855.

KITCHEN, Edward, probably born at Catforth Hall, Woodplumpton, co. Lancaster, and nephew of Rev. Edward Kitchin, alias Smith, was educated at Douay College, where he was ordained deacon in Nov., 1730, and left for Lisbon, June, 27, 1731; appointed prefect of studies, Sept. 17, 1731, but died in the College in 1732.

KNIGHT, Joseph, younger brother of Wm. Knight, q.v.; admitted Oct. 6, 1839; alumnus May 18, 1847; left Sept. 9, 1850; went Old Hall Coll., and ord. priest 1851; died at Hertford, Sept. 6, 1852, aged 26.

KNIGHT, William, born Dec. 22, 1808, son of William Knight, of Hoghton Lane, Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire; admitted Dec. 21, 1822; alumnus May 26, 1828; ord. priest; sent England, May, 1833, and placed temporarily at Weld Bank; then at Poulton-le-Fylde, in his native county; and, finally, within a year of his ordination, given the charge of the new mission at Hartlepool, co. Durham, where he arrived, Jan. 18, 1834, and spent the remainder of his career; appointed canon of Hexham, 1852; died at Hartlepool, March 4, 1874, aged 65. He was a composer of sacred music, some of which was published in 1842.

LANCASTER, John, vide North.

LANGDON, Charles Ignatius, admitted Oct. 1, 1862; alum. Dec. 10, 1869; ord. priest 1874; superior; left 1877; now at Hooton, Cheshire.

LANGLEY, Robert, admitted; ord. priest; sent to the mission, July 17, 1680. Probably connected with the Langleys of Mangotsfield, co. Gloucester.

LANGLEY, Stephen, admitted July 7, 1726, on Revell's Fund.

LANGTON, John, alias Baldwin, probably a connection of the Langtons of Lowe Hall, within Hindley, co. Lancaster; alum. Aug. 9, 1666; left for the English mission Feb. 2, 1670; for many years served Higher Shuttlingfields, in the parish of Walton-le-dale, Lancashire, till his death in 1684. In 1718 the mission property at Higher Shuttlingfields was confiscated by the Commissioners for Forfeited Estates, and transferred to the Lancashire Charity Commissioners.

LAWLESS, James, went Sedgley Park School, 1859-60; admitted Sept. 22, 1860; ord. priest Dec. 18, 1869; left May 15, 1870; now at Poplar, London.

LAWS, James, admitted Feb. 6, 1845; alumnus Mar. 15, 1852; ord. priest, and left June 27, 1855, for Bermondsey, London; now at Dover, retired.

LEA, Henry, born July 17, 1807, son of William and Alice Lea, of Liverpool; went to St. Edmund s College, Old Hall, Jan., 1816-1820; admitted Mar. 12, 1820; alumnus Dec. 3, 1826; ord. priest; left for the mission, June 7, 1835, and placed at the Bavarian Chapel, in Warwickstreet, London, till 1839; secretary to Bp. Griffiths, 1839-43; at Islington, 1843-50; Sutton Place, Surrey, 1850-54; chaplain to the naval forces, Brompton, Chat ham, 1854-6; Sheerness and Gravesend, 1856, till death, July 25, 1881, aged 74.

LE CLERC, Charles, born Oct. 24, 1799, at Ferry-bridge, co. York, son of Charles Le Clerc, steward to Lord Stourton; went to Sedgley Park School, 1807-1814; admitted Aug.11, 1814; alumnus Oct. 4, 1818; professor of humanity for about six years; ord. priest; professor of philosophy; elected vice-president, 1829; died in the College of typhus fever, July 6, 1834, aged 34. Some of his sermons were published in "The Catholic Pulpit," 1839-40, 2 vols., 8vo.

LEEMING, Thomas, born Jan. 3, 1801, son of Thomas Leeming, timber merchant and builder, of Preston, by his second wife Agnes, dau. of Miles Myres, of Preston, malt ster; admit. Oct. 12, 1814; left 1817; became a solicitor in Manchester; married; resided at Barton-on-Irwell; died sine prole.

LEIGHTON, William, born in London, son of Thomas Leighton, Esq., younger son of the family seated at Feckenham, co. Worcester, and his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Wm. Eure, of Bradley, co. Durham, Knt., (3rd son of William, Lord Eure) by Cath. dau. and sole heiress of Sir Wm. Bowes, of Streatham, co. Durham, Knt.; his aunt, Margaret Eure, was the wife of Thomas Howard, 5th son of "Belted Will" Lord William Howard, of Naworth Castle; admitted Aug. 26, 1654; ord. priest June 11, and left for the English mission under alias of Stanley, Sept. 4, 1661; elected by the Chapter arch deacon of Northumberland, Cumberland and Durham, March 18, 1673-4; used the alias of Stevenson, in 1676; died in the county of Salop, 1681.

LENNON, James, native of Liverpool; admit. Oct. 2, 1860; ord. priest June 19, 1863 J left July 9, 1864; at Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, with his brother John, 1864-5 J Tyldesley, 1865-70; Newton-le- Willows, 1870-98, when retired, made protonotary Apostolic, now in Liverpool.

LENNON, John Joseph, native of Liverpool, spent some time in lawyer s office in Liverpool; admitted May 16, 1851; alum. Nov. 30, 1857; ord. priest, and left Mar. 4, 1861; at Pro-Cathedral, Liverpool, 1861; Newton-le-Willows, 1861-70, and erected church in 1861; Weld Bank, Chorley, 1870, till death, Oct. 12, 1897, aged 67; rural dean, 1893.

LE QUILBECQ, Aloysius S., admitted Nov. 28, 1877; alum. Dec. 3, 1880; died in the College, Sept. 4, 1882.

LESTER, Francis, born in Wales, Nov. 2, 1704, son of Francis Lester and his wife Rachel Taverner, protestants, was converted at Lisbon through reading pious books; admitted as a convictor, Dec. 24, 1725; proceeded to Rome, and entered English College, there, Apr. 16, 1728; confirmed by Benedict XIII, June 6, and became alumnus Nov. 1, 1728; thence, under medical advice, went to Flanders, July 19, 1729; entered the Society of Jesus at Watten, 1730, and died a scholastic at Liège, May 8, 1732, aged 27.

LEWIS, Daniel, admitted Aug. 1, 1851; alum. Dec. 7, 1859; left May 22, 1860; went Old Hall Coll., and ord. priest at Warwick-street, London, June 14, 1862; at Fitzroy-square, 1862-4; Stratford, E., 1864-6; Poplar, 1 866-8; Mile-End-road, 1861-73; Marylebone, 1873-4; Kingsland, 1874-5; Grafton-street, Mile End, 1877-9; Bow, 1881-2; Stratford, E., 1882-8; Bow-road, 1888- 9 T.

LIDDELL, Thomas, son of Henry Liddell, Esq., and his wife Rebecca, of Farnacres, co. Durham; alumnus July 12, 1693; ord. priest; sent to the mission, Jan. 19, 1698; returned and appointed confessor, 1719; died, 1724.

LIDDELL, Thomas, of Durham; admitted Mar. 31, 1735, on the Radcliffe Fund; alumnus Sept. 15, 1737; ord. priest Jan. 21, 1742; sent England, Jan. 16, 1743.

LIVESEY, Joseph, admitted Nov. 24, 1880; alumnus Feb. 18, 1888; left May 2, 1891; ord. priest Feb. 15, 1891; now at Brighton.

LLOYD, John, vide Floyd.

LLOYD, William, vide Floyd.

LOCKE, Charles James, son of William Locke, of Manchester, Esq., and nephew of Joseph Locke, Esq., the eminent civil engineer, and M.P. for Honiton, co. Devon; admit. Apr. 3, 1853; alumnus Feb. 1, 1856; ord. priest; left May 21, 1859; now at Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham.

LOCKE, Richard, admitted March 16, on Revell's Fund, and alumnus Dec. 23, 1725; left for the English mission, June 1, 1726.

LOFTUS, James, admitted Oct. 21, 1856; alumnus Dec. 1, 1861; left in deacon's orders, Dec., 1863.

LOSTOCK, Peter, vide Holford.

LOVEDEN, Anthony, alias Ayliffe, son of Anthony Loveden, of Hants, admitted March 20, 1648.

LUCAS, Laurence, admitted Oct. 6, 1839; alumnus May 18, 1847; left July 13, 1851.

LUCY, Edward, son of Henry Lucy, Esq., of Hertfordshire; admitted Aug. 15, 1647; left Oct. 22, 1650.

LYNCH, Henry Oswald, admitted Sept. 4, 1879; ord. priest Mar. 19, and left May 21, 1889; now at Market Drayton.

McCARTHY, Daniel, admitted Oct. 26, 1892; left April 3, 1898, in deacon s orders; ord. priest Mar. 18, 1899; now at Walworth, London.

MACKWORTH, Thomas, born 1691, son of Thomas Mackworth and his wife Mary Pilkington, of London, became page to the Duke of Norfolk, who sent him to college; admitted under alias of Pilkington, and after making his classics left for the English College at Rome, where received Apr. 5, 1712, n.s., ord. priest Apr. 11, 1716, and left for England, Apr. 21, 1718. Succeeded Rev. Edw. Coyney as chaplain to Lord Langdale, at Paynsley Hall, co. Stafford, 1722-26; was much harassed and persecuted by Roger Warner, on the score of his being a priest; died, Jan. 11, 1733-34

McLOUGHLIN, Thomas, admitted Jan. 14,1881; left Dec. 1, 1887; ord. priest Nov. 1, 1892; now at Llanelly.

McNEAL, Mark, probably son of Mark John McNeal, Esq., M.D., formerly a master at Sedgley Park School, who died at Paris in 1823; admitted Oct. 17, 1825; alumnus May 26, 1828; ord. priest, and left May, 1833; at the Bavarian Chapel, London, 1833-6; St. John s Wood, 1836-60; Chelsea, 1860-7 Great Ormond-street, 1867-8; Chelsea, 1868, till death, Dec. 20, 1886.

McSWEENEY, Edward, admitted Nov. 6, 1893; left Jan. 9, and ord. priest for Southwark, Sept. 18, 1897.

McSWEENEY, Thomas, admitted Jan. 30, 1894; ord. priest Mar. 18, and left Apr. 3, 1899; now at Brighton.

MAHON, Christopher, vide Bird.

MANLEY, John, born 1680, son of John Manley, of Hants; admitted 1692, under alias of Thorpe; alumnus Mar. 30, 1697; ord. priest Dec. 23, 1702; taught classics and had charge of the infirmary till his appointment as professor of philosophy, Apr. 8, 1709; prefect of studies, Sept. 30, 1710; left for the English mission, Sept. 22, 1711; elected an archdeacon of the Chapter, March 16, 172930; re-called to Lisbon to assume the presidency, on the presentation of Bp. Bon. Giffard, Apr. 29, 1729; resigned in favour of his predecessor, Edw. Jones, Sept. 8, 1732; resumed the presidency, on the presentation of Bp. Benj. Petre, Aug. 14, 1739, and so continued till killed during the great earthquake, Nov. 1, 1755, aged 75. Mr. Manley prepared for publication: "The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Translated by John Thorpe, Priest of the English College of Lisbon," 1707, MS.

MANLEY, Robert, vide Charnock.

MANSELL, William, vide Clifford.

MARSH, John, born June 12, 1802, son of James and Lydia Marsh, of Hindley, co. Lancaster; went to Sedgley Park School, 1817; admitted Oct. 20, 1817; dismissed for laziness, 1820; went to the English Benedictine College at Douay, where professed, 1824; ordained priest 1826; sent on the mission to the North Province; was at Myddelton Lodge, Yorkshire, 1837-49; passed to the South Province; was at Aston-le-Walls, 1849-52, and died at Wappenbury, Feb. 8, 1852, aged 49.

MARSH, Joseph Bryan, born Sept. 4, 1783, son of Edward Marsh, of Manchester, brazier, and his wife Mary Whitehouse, probably of Sheffield; entered the Manchester Grammar School, 1794, but shortly afterwards removed to Rev. Simon Geo. Bordley s school at Ince Blundell, then under the superintendence of Mr. Hewitt; admitted Mar. 27, 1798, on Mr. Bordley s Fund; left, owing to ill-health, and returned to England, 1803; went to Crook Hall, Durham, July 30, 1803, accompanied the college to Ushaw in 1808, and there ordained priest 1809; served Lea, Lancashire, 1809-18; Newhouse, Newsham, 1818, till 1854, when retired to a neighbouring cottage and there died, July 20, 1857, aged 73. Author of "A Catechism of Christian Doctrine, in Three Sections." Preston, 241110.; and of a prayer-book compiled for the use of his congregation.

MARSLAND, John, born about 1738, in Lancashire, admitted Nov. 23, 1752; went to Douay College, where arrived July 9, 1756; left for England in ill-health, July 10, but returned Douay, Oct. 31, 1761; ord. priest 1763; was at Scarborough in 1773; returned to Douay as a convictor, Jan. 4, 1775; left for England, Apr. 18, 1776; placed at Ugthorpe, co. York; died Aug. 9, 1817, aged about 78. He was eminently distinguished, says "L'Ami de la Religion," as a charitable and zealous ecclesiastic. He hospitably received many of the French émigré clergy in 1792, and the following years, and his zeal in procuring for them all the succour of which they stood in need will never be forgotten.

MARTIN, George, vide Barrett,

MARTIN, Richard, born Feb. 14, 1746, probably a relative of the baronets of his name seated at Long Melford, co. Suffolk, of whom many were priests; admitted June 12, 1761; alumnus Nov. i, 1763; left March 4, 1770.

MASON, Henry St. Leger, admitted July 19, 1888; ord. priest Mar. 13, and left May 25, 1897; now at Southwold, Suffolk.

MASON, Laurence, alumnus Sept. 8, 1677.

MASON, Thomas, admitted July 20, 1733, on the Colston Fund; alumnus Sept. 15, 1737; ord. priest June 12, 1745; sent England, Dec. 17, 1746; placed at Alston Lane, Lancashire, where died, June 16, 1751, and buried at Preston.

MASSAM, James, admitted Nov. 9, 1826; ord. priest, and left July 18, 1837; at St. Gregory s, Longton, Staffordshire, 1837-49; Newcastle-under-Lyne, 1849-56; Longton, again, as rector, 1856-82; retired 1882, but continued to live at St. Gregory s till death, July 22, 1893.

MAWDESLEY, Henry, brother of Richard, q.v.; alumnus Sept. 8, 1677; ord. priest, and sent England, Sept. 22, 1680.

MAWDESLEY, Richard, son of Richard Mawdesley, of Mawdesley, co. Lancaster, yeoman, and of his wife Margt., dau. of Henry Finche, of Mawdesley, gent.; alum. Sept. 8, 1677; ord. priest; appointed professor of philosophy, Sept. 14, 1680; confessarius, Nov., 1681, and professor of theology, Nov. 7, 1682.

MAWDESLEY, William, nephew of Henry and Richard, and probably son of Robert and Ellen Mawdesley, of Mawdeslev; alumnus July 12, 1693; ord. priest July 1, 1696; sent English mission, Jan. 19, 1698; recalled to the College to teach philosophy and to be confessarius, Sept. 15, 1710; appointed procurator, Jan. 1, 1711; presented to the vice-presidency, Apr. 13, 1718, and formally installed, Sept. 15, 1719, when also became professor of theology; left to go to Goa, in the Indies, but died in passage, in 1733.

MAY, Felix, admitted Aug. 13, 1883; ord. priest Sept. 29, 1884; left Feb. 27, 1888; now at Campden, Gloucester shire.

MAYNARD, (Mayler, Maillour, or Maylard) Henry, born about 1576, a younger son of Sir Henry Maynard, of Estaines, co. Essex, Knt., M.P. for St. Alban's, and secretary to the Lord-Treasurer Burghley, by Susan, dau. and coh. of Thomas Person, gentleman-usher of the Star Chamber; went to Douay College; matriculated at the Douay University; was ordained priest; resumed his studies in the University of Paris, and was created Doctor of the Sorbonne; returned to Douay as professor of divinity; became attached to the service of the Prince of Metz, and was with him at the siege of Rochelle; was persuaded to join Mr. Harvey in his Lisbon undertaking, and left Douay with him on Aug. 25, arrived at the College, Dec. 24, 1628, and opened the schools, Apr. 25, 1629, himself occupying the chair of divinity during that and the succeeding year; returned to England, and was labouring on the mission in 1636; was one of those proposed for the mitre, when the clergy were endeavouring to re-establish the hierarchy in England. He was a brilliant conversationist, highly esteemed at the courts of France and Spain, and enjoyed a considerable benefice in the former country. He resided at Blois for some time. His brother William received the honour of Knighthood, 1608; was created a baronet, 1611; was elevated to the peerage of Ireland, 1620, and made a peer of England as Baron Maynard of Estaines, in Essex, 1628.

MAYNE, Joseph S., admitted Aug. 13, 1880; left Mar. 22, 1890; ord. priest at St. Joseph s Seminary, Leeds, July 26, 1892; now at the Cathedral, Northampton.

MEAGER, Richard William, admitted Mar. 22, 1850; ord. priest, and left Dec. 7, 1860, for Plymouth; now at Clifton Wood, Bristol.

METCALFE, Charles, born Apr. 10, 1764, son of Leonard Metcalfe, of the Mansion-house, Fulford, co. York, formerly of Nuthill, in Holderness, by Anne, dau. of Mr. Pinder, of Sproatley Hall, in Holderness, was baptized by Rev. Thomas Daniel, at Fulford, Oct. 10, 1765; went to Sedgley Park School, 1776-78; admitted Sept. 12, 1778; left July 13, 1783; studied surgery, and was a surgeon in the militia; married, but died without issue; his widow married Mr. Billings and was living in 1820.

METCALFE, Peter, of Yorkshire, was probably the third son of Anthony Metcalfe, gent., of Stanwick parish, by Ellen, dau. of Robert Lambert, of Oulton, Esq.; went to Douay College, under the alias of Bankes, whence left with the first colony for Lisbon, Aug. 25, 1628; admitted, under alias of Nelson, Nov. 14, 1628; ord. priest, July 17, 1633; left to return to Douay, Sept. 8, 1633; left Douay Coll. for the Eng. Mission, 1634; died in Holborn, London, Dec. 26, 1671.

MEYNELL, William, vide Gascoigne.

MIDDLEHURST, Thomas, born Sept. n, 1802, son of John Middlehurst, of Parr, co. Lancaster, and his wive Jane Clayton; admitted Jan. 13, 1819; alumnus, April 1, 1823; left July 6, 1824.

MILES, George H., admitted April 30, 1875; left July 12, 1878; went Oscott, and ord. priest Sept. 20, 1884; now at Stoke-by-Nayland.

MILES, John, an Anglo-Portuguese, admitted as a convictor, defended public thesis, April 28, 1642, left April 29, 1643.

MILLS, John, born April 16, 1759, son of George and Anne Mills, of Yorkshire, went to Sedgley Park School, 176873; admitted March 30, 1773, left June 20, 1778.

MILNER, John, admitted Dec. 12, 1746, alumnus, Dec. 6, 1747, ord. priest, May 31, 1749, left for the mission Jan. 28, 1750; succeeded Rev. John Shepherd at Cowdray, Sussex, in or about 1757, was still there in Dec., 1758.

MITFORD, James, admitted July 18, 1821; alumnus May 26, but died in the College, Nov. 24, 1828.

MOLLOY, Nicholas, admitted April 5, 1849; ord. priest, and left May 21, 1859; at St. Anthony's Liverpool, 1859-65; Chorley, 1865-8; Liverpool, 1868-72; Preston, 1872-3.

MONNOUX, John, vide Harvey.

MOORE, James B., admitted May 13, 1866; ord. priest, Dec. 22, 1877; left May 8, 1878; now at Aberavon.

MORGAN, Anthony, of an ancient Northamptonshire family, related to Ant. Morgan, of Heyford, co. Northampton, Esq., whose dau. and h., Bridget, carried in marriage that manor and other estates to Sir Wm. Morgan, Knt., the royalist; went to Douay College, where assumed the name of Sanders, and matriculated at Douay Univ., Apr. 1, 1605; became S. Th. L., and subsequently canon of St. Martin's at Iprenses; sent to colonize Lisbon, and arrived Nov. 14, 1628; died in the College, Aug. 16, 1631. Wrote a curious work on the name "Anthony," approved in 1627, and pub. at Douay, 1637, vide Bibl. Dict. Eng. Caths.]] V. 474.

MORGAN, David, admitted Dec. 9, 1734; alumnus Sept. 15, 1737; ord. priest March 4, 1742; left for England, Dec. 17, 1746; placed at Bedhampton, near Havant, Hants, where he erected a chapel and presbytery, and died, Nov. 4, 1758. Mr. Thomas Talbot, subsequently Bishop, succeeded him, and paid off the debt on the chapel and house.

MORGAN, Thomas, son of John Morgan, of London, admit, under the alias of Sugar, June 9, 1642; alumnus, June 29, 1644; minor orders, Nov. 30, 1646; publicly defend ed theses, June n, 1645, and June 5, 1647; ord. priest; appointed procurator, Aug. 10, 1650.

MORLEY, James, born Feb. 18, 1777, son of James Morley and his wife Margt. Hewitt of Ince, co. Lancaster; went to the English Dominican school at Bornhem, Nov. 18, 1783 May 30, 1787, thence went to- Rev. Simon George Bordley's School at Newhouse, Aughton, and in 1789 was sent to Sedgley Park School; admitted Oct. 13, 1790, on Mr. Bordley's Fund, and died in the College.

MOYNIHAN, Thomas, admitted Jan. 22, 1867; alumnus, May 17, 1875; left Dec. 12, 1875; went Hammersmith, and ord. priest July 29, 1877; at Blackheath Park, London, 1877-8; Battersea Park-road, 1878-9; Gosport, 1879-80; Sheerness, 1880, till death, Sept. 20, 1890.

MOYSES, John, vide Frankland.

MULCAHY, John, admitted Oct. 29, 1895; ord. priest Mar. 23, and left April 3, 1901; now at Tottenham, London.

MULLINS, James, admitted Aug. 13, 1880; ord. priest Mar. 19, and left May 21, 1889; now at Seacombe, Birkenhead.