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NANFAN, William, fourth son of William Nanfan, of Bruch Morton, co. Worcester, Esq., by Jane Smyth, of Leices tershire; admitted Oct. 1, 1645; alumnus, Sept. 20, 1646; expelled, Jan. 1, 1647.

NEEDHAM, John Turberville, born in London, Sept. 10, 1713, son of John Needham, barrister, and his wife Margt. Lucas, went to Douay College, Oct. 10, 1722, ord. priest, May 31, 1738, taught rhetoric, left to assist Rev. Jno. Phil. Betts at Twyford School, near Winchester, in 1740; thence was ordered to Lisbon to teach philosophy, set out from England, Jan. 12, arrived Feb. 22, and formally installed professor, March 13, 1743-4; left to return to England, June 19, 1745; obtained European note as a physiologist; canon of Dendermonde, afterwards of Soignies; died at Brussels, Dec. 30, 1781, aged 68. Author of many scientific works. Vide Bibliog. Dict. of Engl. Caths. V. 157.

NELSON, Peter, vide Metcalfe.

NEVILLE, Thomas, admitted Nov. 13, 1883; left 1887; went St. Thomas Seminary, Hammersmith, and ord. priest Mar. 18, 1893; now at Eastbourne.

NEWMAN, William, vide Ralph Sliefild.

NEWPORT, Charles, vide Jennyns.

NEWTON, Robert, alumnus, March 25, 1747; ord. priest, Dec. 31, 1747; left for England, Dec. 24, 1749; stationed at Market Rasen, co. Lincoln; succeeded Mr. James Styche, alias Hawkins, at Sixhills Grange in 1764; so continued till a new chapel was built at Sixhills to accommodate the Hainton congregation, when he found himself unable to do the duty of the two congregations, and retired to Claxby, where he was living in a very in firm state in Sept. 1799, and died soon after.

NICHOLLS, Henry, born Feb. 4, 1724, son of Francis Nicholls and his wife Mary Horsleigh; admitted on the Nicholson Fund, Sept. 9, 1739; alumnus, March 25, 1747; ord. priest, March 9, 1748; left for England, Aug. 20, 1751; died on the mission in London, Feb. 11, 1774, aged 50.

NICHOLSON, Francis, baptized Oct. 27, 1650, son of Thos. Nicholson, of Manchester, in 1666 became servitor at University College, Oxford; M.A., June 4, 1673; rector of parish near Canterbury; converted soon after accession of James II; took the Carthusian habit at Nieuport, but austerities being too severe for his constitution returned to England about 1692; thence proceeded to Lisbon in service of the Dowager Queen Catharine; resided some years at Portuguese Court; sunk a large portion of his means in the purchase of an estate at Pera, where spent several years; about 1720 made over all his property to the College, and came to reside here; died in the College, Aug. 13, 1731, aged 80. For works vide Bibl. Dict. of the Eng. Caths. Vol. V., 178.

NICHOLSON, Francis Bernard, born Oct. 5, 1766, son of Joseph Nicholson, and his wife Margaret Brown, of London; went Sedgley Park School, 1777-9; admitted Aug. 23, 1779, on the Nicholson Fund, left April 4, 1784; died Jan. 12, 1837, aged 70.

NIGHTINGALE, George, admitted; ord. priest Aug. 16, 1897; now at Talacre Hall, Flint.

NORMANVILLE, William de, went Sedgley Park School, 1855-6; admitted Oct. 21, 1856; alumnus, Feb. 18, and left April 21, 1864.

NORRIS, Edward, born April 9, 1781, son of Joseph Norris and his wife H. An. Ravenhill, of London; went Sedgley Park School, 1795-98; admitted on Triple Trust, Oct. 4, 1798; ord. priest, and sent to mission in London; forty years pastor of St. Patrick s, Sutton-street, Soho, where died, Sept. 16, 1852, aged 71.

NORTH, Joseph Edward, born at Bermondsey, 1808, younger brother of Richard, q.v.; studied at Old Hall, Ware, April, 1828-Jan., 1830; admitted 1830, left 1833; at Oscott College, Aug., 1833-35; ord. priest, Sept. 19, 1835; became professor at Old Hall; went to Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, 1838, and when Giffard Hall, within his parish, was opened as a seminary by Bp. Wareing in 1842, Mr. North filled office of vice-president till the establishment was transferred to Northampton in 1845; missioner at Deptford, 1850, till death of his brother at Croom s Hill, in 1860, when he succeeded him; elected canon of Southwark, 1864; died at Greenwich, Feb. 25, 1885, aged 76. Author of some sermons in the "Catholic Pulpit"; and jointly with his brother of "A Brief Account of the New Catholic Church at Greenwich." Lond. 1850, 8&def;. Vide Bibl. Dict. Eng. Caths. V. 191.

NORTH, John, son of John North, of Docker, parish of Whittington, co. Lancaster, Esq.; took the oath at Douay College, under the alias of Lancaster, Sept. 21, 1629; ord. priest April 5, 1631, and thence sent to Lisbon and appointed prefect of studies; left for England, and was serving Thurnham Hall and vicinity, co. Lancaster, in the last quarter of the 17th century.

NORTH, Richard, born Feb. 2, 1800, son of Nicholas and Elizabeth North, of Bermondsey, London; admitted Aug. 11, 1814; alumnus, Jan. 7, 1821; ord. priest; left April 26, 1826; placed at Greenwich, 1828, and in 1852 erected and opened, with assistance of his brother Joseph, q.v., the church at Groom s Hill; made canon of Southwark, 1852, received honorary degree of D.D., 1853, and died missionary rector of Greenwich, Feb. 5, 1860, aged 60. Vide Jos. E. North.

O'CONNELL, James, admitted Sept. 27, 1858; ord. priest,. 1868; superior; left June 11, 1870; at Stratford, London, 1870-1; Kensington, 1871-7; Brentford, 1877-9; Acton, Middx., 1879, till death, Oct. 22, 1882.

OGLE, William, son of Thomas Ogle, of Distington, co. Northumberland, Esq., by Eleanor, dau. of Thomas Swinburne, of Capheaton, co. Northumberland, Esq.; admitted as a convictor under alias of Swinburne, Dec. 7, 1640; defended thesis publicly, Feb. 24, 1643; ord. priest; left for England, Feb. 8, 1644 5 became an arch deacon of the Chapter.

OGLETHORPE, Francis, vide Paver.

O'HAGAN, Michael, admitted Nov. 20, 1893; ord. priest, Mar. 18, and left April 24, 1899; now at Nechell's,. Birmingham.

O'KELLY, Lionel Joseph, admitted Oct. 8, 1872; left Oct. 2, and ord. priest at Salford, Dec. 23, 1882; now at Ancoats, Manchester.

OLIVER, James, admitted Oct. 6, 1839; ord. priest, and left July 13, 1851; at Birkenhead, 1851-3; Wellington, 1853-61; Brierly Hill, 1861-71; Brailes, co. Warwick, 1871-89; retired at Preston, 1889-99, Southport, 1889–1900, and now at Ormskirk.

O'LOUGHLIN, Andrew, admitted Oct. 3, 1884; left Sept. 18, 1889; went Engl. Coll., Rome, where ord. priest Mar. 30, 1895, and took degree D.D.; now at Dorchester.

O'SHEA, Michael T., admitted Sept. 28, 1891; alumnus Mar. 19, and died in the College, Oct. 9, 1896.

O'SULLIVAN, Augustine, admitted Mar. 19, 1887; left June 22, 1892, and ord. priest for Northampton, June 24, 1893; now at Daventry.

O'TOOLE, John, admitted Aug. 26, 1884; left May 1, and ord. priest at Birmingham, June 26, 1892; now at Haunton, Tarn worth.

OWEN, Simon, son of Simon Owen, admitted as a convictor, March 20, 1650; left Aug. 13, 1653.

PADBURY, Joseph Frederick, of Staffordshire, went Sedgley Park School, 1842-3; admitted Sept. 30, 1843; alumnus May 18, ord. priest 1850, and left July 13, 1851; went Old Hall; Bridport, 1852-4; Poplar, London, 1854-60; Commercial Road, London, 1860-83; Hackney, 1883-5; Chelmsford, 1885, to date.

PALYART, Ignatius Paul, born at Lisbon, July 31, 1762, son of Joachym Palyart and his wife Francis Brown; admitted Jan. 5, 1775.

PARKE, Joseph, went Sedgley Park School, 1827-30; admitted July 5, 1830; ord. priest, and left July 30, 1837; at Aldenham Hall, Salop, seat of Acton family, 1837-41; assistant to Dr. Kirk at Lichfield, 1841-51, and then rector till 1856; Poole, Dorset, 1856-61; Syon Abbey, Spetisbury, 1861, till death, Sept. 1, 1866. Canon of Plymouth, 1861,

PARKER, John, admitted Sept. 28, 1887; ord. priest in Feb., and left on 28th, 1893; at Pontypool, 1893-4; Cardiff, 1894, till death, Sept. 7, 1895.

PARKER, Joseph, went Sedgley Park School, 1863-6; admit. May 13, 1866; ord. priest, May 22, and left July 13, 1875; at Bp's House, Birmingham, 1875-88; Oscott College, 1888; Woodlane, Yoxall, 1888 to date.

PARKINSON, Henry, born Feb. 4, 1772, son of Thomas Parkinson, of Weeton, in the Fylde, Lancashire, by Margt. Hodgkinson his wife; admitted on the Peres Fund, Oct. 23, 1784; alumnus March 25, 1791; ord. priest, Apr. 5, 1795, and sent to the mission in the same year; stationed with Mr. Kris. Adam Cliffe at Great Eccleston, whom he succeeded as pastor in Feb., 1799; kept a boarding school at his house adjoining the old chapel in the Raikes; rebuilt the chapel in 1801, and continued to serve it till his death, Jan. 3, 1832, aged 59; buried at The Willows, Kirkham.

PARKINSON, James, of Lancashire, admitted Sept. 7, 1748; alumnus Dec. 19, 1750; ord. priest Apr. 2, and left for the mission, May 13, 1758; stationed in the north, prob ably went to Ugthorpe, co. York, in Nov. or Dec., 1761, and died there, Jan. 26, 1766.

PARKINSON, Thomas, of Lancashire, born May 22, 1741, and baptized by Fr. Eyston; confirmed by Bp. Dicconson; admitted on Shepperd's Fund, May 8, 1755; alum. Sept. 7, 1767; ord. priest in Sept., and sent England, Oct. 3, 1768; was at Roundhay, near Leeds, in 1773-81; was in distress in 1783, when Bishop Talbot declared that he was of such a dubious character that he dare not venture to employ him.

PARRY, Edward, admitted and ord. priest; left for England, Feb. 2, 1670; was stationed in Monmouth in 1702.

PARRY, Hugh, vide Wynne.

PARRY, John, son of John Parry, of Twyffog, co. Denbigh, Esq.; admitted Dec. 7, 1640; alumnus July 25, 1641; ord. priest July 30, 1645; made professor, Nov. 30, 1646; sent England, May 30, 1650; elected by the Chapter archdeacon of North Vales, Jan. 14, 1660-61; was serving in Shropshire in 1675; died, 1694.

PARRY, Philip, son of Rice Parry, of Monmouthshire; admitted under the alias of Ward, Oct. 1, 1635; alumnus June 29, 1636; ord. priest Apr. 6, 1638; appointed procurator, Dec. 18, 1640, and vice-president, July 26, 1649; left for England, 1652; died in Montgomeryshire, in the beginning of Feb., 1677-8, aged about 72.

PARRY, Pierce, born 1716, son of John Parry, of Twyffog, Esq., by Mary his wife; received into the English Coll., at Rome, Sept. 17, 1736, and took the oath of Alexander VII, in May, 1737; came to Lisbon, and became an alumnus Dec. 13; ordained subdeacon Dec. 23, and deacon Dec. 27, 1741, and priest Jan. 6, 1742; sent, England, Feb. 4, 1742; took charge of Claxby, co. Lincoln, 1751; transferred toWalsall, and Oscott, 1762; disabled by repeated paralytic attacks and retired from Oscott to Aldridge in 1785, and there died, Dec. 30, 1792, aged 76. Vide Bibl. Dict. Eugl. Caths. Vol. V., 244.

PAVER, Francis, 4th son of Richard Paver, Esq., of Braham, co. York, by Jane, dau. of Robert Oglethorpe, of Rawden, co. York, Esq.; went to Douay College, whence came with the first colony to Lisbon; admitted Nov. 14, 1628, under alias of Oglethorpe; ord. priest, July 17, and left for England, Sept. 8, 1633; slain at the battle of Marston Moor, whilst attending to the wounded, July 2, 1644.

PEARSON, George C., admitted Oct. 20, 1884; left May 25, and ord. priest at Liverpool, Aug. 1, 1897; now at Chorley.

PEARSON, John, probably of an old Yorkshire family; alumnus Apr. 17, 1688; ord. priest Dec. 21, 1689; sent England, Jan. 2, 1693; was stationed in Lancashire in 1697.

PEMBERTON, Richard, admitted June 16, 1866; left Mar. 20, and ord. priest Sept. 21, 1872; at St. Austin's, 1872-4, and St. Joseph's, Preston, 1874, till death, Oct. 14, 1876.

PENRICE, Charles, of an ancient family seated in Worces tershire, and at Penrice Castle, co. Glamorgan, was born in the former county; alumnus Jan. 9, 1672; ord. priest; sent to mission in his native county, Sept. 15, 1679, and still there in 1702.

PERCY, Thomas, born July 6, 1787, son of Nathaniel Percy, of Pimperne, near Blandford, co. Dorset, by Eliz. Whitehead his wife; went Sedgley Park School; admitted on Triple Trust, Feb. 7, 1803; left Feb., 1809; went to Old Hall to finish his divinity, Feb. 24, 1809; ord. priest there, Sept. 22, 1810; served in London, was at Sar dinian Chapel; took charge of Soddington and Mawley, co. Salop, early in 1824, and was killed by falling from his horse at Tything, co. Worcester, March 23, 1825, aged 37.

PEREGRINE, Thomas, vide Short.

PERKINSON, Edward, of an ancient and well connected Lancashire family, took the oath at Douay College. Aug. 15, 1680; came to Lisbon, and became alumnus in 1686; sent to the mission, and placed at York; chaplain and secretary to Bp. James Smith; upon Revolution of 1688, withdrew with the bishop to Wycliff, the seat of Mr. Tunstall, where Mr. Perkinson spent the remainder of his career; recommended for the mitre by Bp. Witham to Cardinal Gualterio, the cardinal protector of England, Feb. 27, 1724, and described as "a good old missioner, of elegant manners, great eloquence, good health though advanced in years "; died at Wycliff, April 7, 1735.

PERROT, John, alias Barnesley, born 1629, son John Perrot, of the family of Perrot of Bell Hall, co. Worcester, by Judith Barnesley his wife, descended from the Barnesley's of Barnesley Hall, co. Worcester; convert; admit. Sept. 29, 1647 alum. Mar. 28, 1653; ord. priest July 1, 1653; appointed vice-president, Jan. 1, 1659, and president, on the presentation of the Dean (Humphrey Ellis) and canons of the Chapter, Dec. 16, 1661, and on March 16, 1662, was promoted to the rectory of the English residency; resigned and left the College 1671; elected arch deacon of the Chapter, April 26, 1672, and installed subdean, Dec. 13, 1675, vicar-general in solidum to the Dean, April 13, and Dean, Sept. 18, 1676; continued in office till his death, May 27, 1714, aged 85. For works see Bibl. Dict. Engl. Caths. Vol. V.

PETERSON, Peter, vide Clarence.

PETRE, Francis, son of John Petre, of Fithlers, co. Essex, Esq., (grandson of the first Lord Petre), by his second wife Elizabeth, dau. of John Pinchon, of Writtle, co. Essex, Esq., and an older brother of Bishop Benjamin Petre, V.A., of the London District; admitted March, r677; alumnus Sept. 7, 1686, and in the following month dedicated his thesis of universal philosophy to Bishop Leyburne, and defended with great applause under his professor, Mr. Robert Smith; ord. priest Nov. 29, 1689, by the Cardinal Protector, and appointed to teach classics; appointed professor of philosophy, Sept. 1, 1692, procurator July 2, 1695, and vice-president, on the presentation of Bishops Leyburne and Giffard, May 27, and formally installed Sept. 17, 1697; introduced many pious customs and wholesome regulations for the discipline of the college; died in the college of a malignant fever March 24, 1699, and interred within the rails and at the foot of the altar, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin de Pace in the college church; by will bequeathed 100,000 reals to the college, without any obligation or condition whatsoever.

PETRE, John, probably the eldest son of Joseph, q.v., studied here for some time; if this identification be correct, he was born 1690, married Anne, eldest dau. of Sir Robt. Throckmorton, of Weston, co. Bucks, Bart., by whom he had a son and tvo daughters, and dying, Sept. n, 1721, was buried at Writtle.

PETRE, Joseph, born 1664, second son of John Petre, of Fithlers, by his wife Mary, dau. of Sir Francis Mannock, of Gifford s Hall, co. Suffolk, Bart., after studying here for some time was recalled home by his father to become his heir upon his eldest son John joining the Society at Watten. He succeeded to the estate, was twice married —1st, to Cath. dau. of Sir Wm. Andrews, of Downham, co. Essex, Bart., by whom he had six children, one of whom was Bp. Fris. Petre, V.A.-N.D., and another, Elena, a nun at Gravslines; 2ndly, to Dorothy, dau. of Geo. Throckmorton, of Chesterfield, co. Herts, Esq., relict of Jno. Hurst, of Havergill, co. Essex, gent, by whom he had no children. He died Jan. 21, 1721, aged 56, and was interred at Writtle.

PHILLIPS, John, alias or vere Samuel Goltier, alumnus, Sept. 7, 1686; ord. priest; sent England, Oct. 19, 1689; died, near Windsor, Sept. 13, 1727.

PHILLIPS, Joseph, admitted Nov. 6, 1893; left May 1897 ord. priest, July 17, 1898; now at Blackheath, London.

PICKERING, Francis, born in Portugal, where his father was converted to the Faith, and suffered great losses on that account; admitted about 1696; went to Rome in 1701, where he continued his studies for about six years in the Roman Seminary, and afterwards lived for two years, from 1707-1709, in the Ecclesiastical Academy for Nobles.

PICKERING, Francis, born 1737; admitted Feb. 17, 1750.

PICKFORD, Edward, a native of Exeter, Cornwall, was probably son of William Pickford, a gentleman of position in that city; entered Douay College, Oct. 28, 1618, under alias of Daniel, which he used throughout life, and ord. priest Sept. 26, 1627. Admitted Nov. 14, 1628; appointed professor of philosophy, Oct. 4, 1633; prof. of theology, July 21, and prefect of studies, Sept. 15, 1638, received degree of D.D., 1640; left for English Mission Feb. 2, 1641; nominated president by Bishop Smith, Apr. 11, and returned Lisbon in June, 1642; resigned presidency 1648; taught theology 1649, and left for Douay College in that year. Taught theology at Douay, Oct. 1, 1649, till July 4, 1653 when returned to England, and acted as Dean of the Chapter in the absence of Mr. Fitton, till death, Sept., 1657. He published "Meditations," 1649; and left in MS. a folio vol. of controversies, 1643-1646.

PIERCE, Thomas, alias Bond, son of Thomas Pierce, of Warwickshire, admitted Aug. 15, 1647; left through ill-health in 1651.

PIERCE, William, took the oath Dec. 30, 1682; ordained priest June 4, 1684; and sent to England, July 1, 1685. He died in 1687,

PILKINGTON, Henry, native of Preston, admitted Feb. 14, 1829; alumnus Dec. 7, 1836; left 1839.

PILKINGTON, Thomas, vide Mackworth.

PINNINGTON, William, admitted Nov. 20, 1869; ord. priest Dec. 18, 1880; superior; left May 1, 1883; now at Liverpool.

POSTLETHWAITE, Thomas, born July 9, 1739, son of Richard Postlethwaite and his wife Anne Newsham, of Westby, co. Lancaster, yeoman; admit. Nov. 23, 1752; alumnus June 23, 1761; ord. priest Oct. 9, 1763; appointed procurator, Aug. 6, 1764; died in the College, July 4, 1776. He had three brothers, priests of Douay, James, John, and Henry.

POTTS, Henry Joseph, born Aug. 16, 1772, son of John Potts, and his wife Anne Story, of Dancing Hall, Northumberland; admitted Sept. 18, 1784.

POWELL, Thomas, son of Hugh Powell, Esq., of Brecon or Monmouthshire; admitted under the alias of Progers, July 4, 1633; alumnus June 29, 1635; ord. priest Apr. 26, 1639; appointed professor of philosophy, July 23, 1640; left for England, Apr. 29, 1643; elected by the Chapter, March 9, 1663, o.s., archdeacon of South Wales, and vicar-general of Shropshire and North Wales, June 4, 1684; died, 1700. POYNTZ, John, born July 2, 1709, son of Edward Poyntz, of Arlington, co. Devon, gent., who died in Dec., 1732; admitted on Revell s Fund, Apr. 24, 1723; ran away, Dec. 5, 1726; was received by the Jesuits, and entered the Society under the alias of Beaumont, Sept. 7, 1732; professed in 1750; was for many years procurator of the province in London; chaplain to Mrs. Rowe, of Trevithick, Cornwall; retired to Liege, where died, May 21, 1789, aged 79. He often used the alias of Price.

PRENDERGAST, John, born June 6, 1768, son of Patrick Prendergast and his wife Cath. Nowland, of London; went Sedgley Park School; admitted Feb. 16, 1782.

PRESTON, John, born Oct. 29, 1712, son of John Preston, of London, ironmonger, and his wife Mary Williams; educated at Merchant Taylors School; convert, and confirmed by Bp. Benj. Petre, in 1732; admitted Oct. 21, 1732; alumnus Dec. 21, 1733; taught classics during his whole course of philosophy and divinity; appointed procurator, Sept. 16, 1736; ord. priest Nov. 4, 1736; appointed professor of theology, Apr. 11, 1741; was one of the first who, in opposition to the Jesuits, introduced the Newtonian philosophy into Portugal; frequently discharged duties of president and vice-president, though he never could be induced to accept the honour attached to these offices; held in high esteem by the Court of Portugal, and in 1775 nominated tutor to the young Prince of Brazil; died in the College, Feb. 8, 1780, and buried in the college church, where his epitaph, in Latin, was written by President Barnard.

PRICE, Francis L., admitted Aug. 25, 1887; ord. priest March 13, 1897; now a superior.

PRICE, Humphrey, vide John Vaughan.

PRICE, John, vide Poyntz.

PRICE, Maurice, vide Pugh.

PRICHARD, William, probably son of William Prichard, of Llantillio and Skenfrith, co. Monmouth, gent.; admitted May 9, 1720; alumnus Oct. 28, 1723; ord. priest; appointed procurator, July 2, 1733; sent England, Aug. 17, and died at Kentish Town, London, Oct. 22, 1734.

PROGERS, Thomas, vide Powell.

PRYME, Jerome, admitted on Arthur's Fund; alumnus Dec. 30, 1682; ord. priest; appointed professor of philosophy, Jan. 5, 1690; professor of theology, Aug. 30, 1692, and prefect of studies, April 23, 1695; died in the College, May 23, 1708.

PUGH, Andrew, admitted as a convictor, April 23, 1709; left May, 1710.

PUGH, John, alumnus Aug. 6, 1666; ord. priest; sent England, Feb. 2, 1670; died at his brother's house in North Wales, July 3, 1673.

PUGH, Maurice, alias Price, alumnus Dec. 30, 1682; ord. subdeacon and deacon, Feb. 24 and 25, 1685, and having received priest s orders, left for England, April 29, 1686; was living in the North, probably Yorkshire, in July, 1698.

PURCELL, Edward, son of Edward Purcell, of Stafford, gent., by his wife Eliz. Langley; admitted on Revell s Fund, Nov. 5, 1730.

PURCELL, James, brother of Edward, q.v.; admitted on Revell s Fund, June 9, 1730.

PURCELL, Philip, son of John Purcell, of The Hay, Madeley, co. Salop, Esq., and of his wife Catherine; admitted (1696?); ord. priest; was chaplain at Arunclel Castle, in 1717.

PURDON, James, admitted Dec. 2, 1856; left Aug. 27, 1861; ord. priest, 1864; at Deptford, 1864-5; Woolwich, 18656; Maidstone, 1866-70; Worthing, 1870 to date.

PURDON, Michael, born May 20, 1868, at Marlingstown, near Mullingar; studied at Seminary at Navan, thence St. Edward s Coll., Liverpool, and St. Joseph s Coll., Upholland; admitted Jan. 16, 1893; alumnus Feb. 9, 1894; left May 17, ord. priest at Maghull, near Liver pool, Aug. 18, and died Nov. 30, 1895, aged 27.

QUAIFE, Wilfrid, went Sedgley Park School, 1860-4; admit. Mar. 12, 1864; ord. priest May 22, and left July 13, 1875; now at St. John's Wood, London.

REAH, John, admitted June 12, 1835; ord. priest, and left July 24, 1844 J at Liverpool, 1844-7; St. Mary's, Man chester, 1847-8; Hyde, Cheshire, 1848-54; Canon of Shrewsbury, 1853; Wrexham, 1854-8; Poole, Dorset, 1858, till death, Dec. 19, 1859.

REDDING, James, admitted May 21, 1869; alumnus Dec. 22, 1871; left Aug., 1873; went to St. Sulpice, Paris, and ord. priest May 22, 1875; at Sheffield, 1875-6; Leeds, 1876-7; Middlesbro, 1877-8; Stoke Farm, Slough, Bucks, 1878-9; Woolmer, Hants, 1880-1; Malton, 18813; Guernsey, 18834; Winchester, 18845.

REGAN, Thomas, went Sedgley Park School, 1854-6; admit. Oct. 21, 1856; alumnus Feb. 18, and left July 9, 1864; went Old Hall Coll., and ord. priest Dec. 23, 1866; Chelsea, 1867-71; Waltham Cross, 1871-3; Lincoln's Inn-Fields, 1873-9; Ogle Street, 1879-95; Watford, Herts, 1895; died April 13, 1902.

REVELL, Thomas, son of Ronald Revell, of Revell Grange, Stannington, Yorkshire, yeoman; admitted on Revell's Fund; alumnus March 31, 1697; ord. priest.

REYNOLDS, John, vide Allanson.

REYNOLDS, William, born 1647, younger son of William Reynolds of Cassington, co. Oxford, Esq., by Alice, 3rd dau. of Thomas Whitgreave, of Moseley, co. Stafford, Esq.; alumnus Aug. 6, 1666; ord. priest; sent England, March 9, 1675; elected by the Chapter archdeacon of Oxford, Berks, and Bucks, March 6, 1692-3; was serving in Oxfordshire, in 1702, as apparently he did throughout his missionary career; said to have died at Oxford, Feb. 23, 171718, aged 71, and was buried in the same grave with his mother in Soulden churchyard, where an inscribed stone records his memory.

RICHMOND, Laurence, son of Mr. Thomas Richmond, of Walsall, co. Stafford; admitted Jan. 27, 1828; alumnus Dec. 7, 1836; ord. priest, took degree of D.D., and made a superior; left Feb. 7, 1858; at Norwich, 1858-60; Bp's. House, Northampton, 1861-5; canon of Northampton, 1863; returned to the College as V.P., 1865, till death, Feb. 7, 1872.

RILEY, William, son of Charles and Mary Riley, of London; went Sedgley Park School, 1781-8; admitted on Triple Trust, July 26, 1788; died, in divinity, at the College.

RIMMER, Thomas, native of Lancashire, went Sedgley Park School, 1823-9 admit. Dec. 28, 1829; ord. priest, and left Aug. 6, 1839; at Nottingham, 1839-41; Lynn, Nor folk, 1841-2; Coldham Hall, Suffolk, 1842-3; St. Austin's, Manchester, 1843-5 Rawtenstall, 1845 till death, of typhus fever, Jan. 8, 1848, aged 33.

RINGROSE, John, admitted Nov. 25, 1823; ord. priest, and left Mar. 9, 1833; at Woodley Lodge, Reading, Berks, seat of Jas. Wheble, Esq., who died in July, 1840; opened the new chapel on site of the ancient abbey at Reading, founded by Mr. Wheble, Aug. 5, 1840, till death, Oct. 28, 1874. Canon of Southwark, 1853.

RIVARA, Emmanuel, admitted April 30, 1875; left July 5, 1878; ord. priest from St. Thomas Seminary, May 19, 1883; now at Jersey.

RIVETT, John, vide Harvey.

ROBERTS, Henry Bernard, admitted June 16, 1866; left Nov. 1, 1871, and ord. priest Sept. 21, 1872; now at Great Eccleston, Lancashire.

ROBINSON, Francis, son of Thomas Robinson, of Lancashire, and brother of John, the consul-general, admit. Dec. 1, 1652.

ROBINSON, James, son of Mr. James Robinson, Oakingates, Wellington, Salop; went Sedgley Park School, 1855-6; admitted Oct. 21, 1856; left Oct. 19, 1862; went Oscott Coll., Feb., 1863-6; ord. priest at Birkenhead, July 15, 1866; at Edgeley, Stockport, 1 866-8; Nantwich, 186871; St. Joseph s, Stockport, 1871-89; St. Alban's, Macclesfield, till death, June 18, 1901. Twelve years member of Macclesfield School Board, and latterly vice-chairman.

ROBINSON, John, son of John Robinson, of Lancashire, admit. Oct. 1, 1635; alumnus June 29, 1636; ord. priest Apr. 10, 1640; sent England, Apr. 8, 1643 5 died about the middle of Aug., 1676.

ROBINSON, John, son of Thomas Robinson, of Lancashire, admit. May 17, 1650, as a convictor; left May 29, 1654; became consul-general for the English Government at Lisbon, an office which he held for five years.

ROBINSON, Peter, vide Whale.

ROCK, Samuel, born March 4, 1762, son of Samuel Rock, of Calmore, co. Stafford, and his wife Eliz. Thornhill; went to Sedgley Park School, 1769-73; admitted on Thatcher s Fund, March 30, 1773; left for Douay College, Aug. 8, 1779, where entered school of rhetoric; called to England, April 6, 1780, but returned to Douay, 1781; minor-professor of Syntax, Oct., 1786; ord. priest, and left for English mission, Oct. 14, 1787; at Kiddington, Oxon, for many years, and died at Radford, April 28, 1839, aged 76.

ROCK, Samuel, born Jan. 26, 1801, son of Joseph and Mary Rock, of Bloxwich, co. Stafford; went Sedgley Park School, 1813-16; admitted July n, 1816; ord. priest Jan. 7, 1821; left for England, Apr. n, 1828; stationed at Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk, 1828-32.

ROONEY, Robert A., admit. Sept. 24, 1893; left in deacon's orders, July 9, 1897; ord. priest Mar. 25, 1899, and placed at Brecon.

ROSE, Francis Pius, admitted Sept. 9, 1891; ord. priest Mar. 23, for Newport, and left Apr. 12, 1901; now at Cardiff.

ROSS, John, born May 4, 1800, son of James and Mary Ross, of Mawley Hall, Shropshire; went Sedgley Park School, 1814-16; admitted July 8, 1816; alumnus Jan. 7, 1821; ord. priest; left for England, May 27, 1825, and placed at Cheadle, co. Stafford, till 1827; Husband's Bosworth, co. Leicester, 1827-8; Moseley, co. Stafford, 1828-33; Hathersage, co. Derby, 1833-47, when became deranged in his mind, and sent to St. Ann's, Courtrai, where died, Aug. 6, 1858, aged 58.

RUSSELL, James, ordained subdeacon, deacon, and priest, in May, 1693.

RUSSELL, Richard, born 1630, son of Richard Russell, of Berkshire; though he appears to have been highly connected he came to Lisbon in capacity of servant, June, 1642; admitted as a student, Aug. 14, 1647; transferred to Douay College, to finish his divinity, and took the oaths there, June 4, 1653; proceeded to Paris, where ord. priest; returned to Lisbon, and made procurator, Dec. 10, 1655; left for England, July 25, 1657, in the suite of the Portuguese ambassador, with whom resided; returned to Lisbon in 1660; returned to England same year, and, having been chiefly instrumental in settling the treaty of marriage between Charles II. and the Infanta, assisted at the nuptial ceremony; appointed English preceptor to the Infanta, whom he soon after accompanied to England; elected a canon of the Chapter, June 26, 1661, and assisted in the general assembly held in London, in 1667; returned to Lisbon, and consecrated bishop of Portalegre, Sept. 27, 1671, at the English College, where retained apartments, till his solemn entry into Portalegre, in Jan., 1671; translated in 1682, to the see of Vizen, where he died, Nov. 15, 1693, aged 63.

RUSSELL, Thomas, born Jan. 18, 1645; admitted April 29, 1659.

RYAN, Arthur Francis, admitted June 12, 1876; ord. priest Dec. 21, 1886; left June 2, 1887; late of Brentford.

RYAN, Michael, admitted Oct. 18, 1873; ord. priest Dec. 22, and left same month, 1877; now at Whitecross, Warrington.

RYDER, Christopher, admitted Mar. 12, 1873; left May 29, 1879; went Ushaw Coll.; ord. priest Aug. 6, 1882; now at St. Joseph's, Stockport.

RYLAND, James, admitted April 13, 1825; ord. priest, and left June 7, 1835 at St. Patrick s, Manchester, 1835-41; Bolton-le-Moors, 1841-3; Sunnyside, Burnley, 1843, till death, 1845.

SADLER, Thomas, born Oct. 13, 1779, son of John Sadler and his wife Eliz. Parkinson, of Aintree, near Liverpool; went to Mr. Simon Geo. Bordley's school at Ince Blundell; admitted on Bordley s Fund, Oct. 10, 1792; alumnus Dec. 8, 1801; ord. priest May 25, 1807, and left for England; stationed at Trafford House, Manchester, where succeeded Mr. James Hayclock, in 1807; erected a school, 1822, and a new chapel at Barton-on-Irwell, 1827, to replace the one at Trafford; died at Barton, Oct. 4, 1830, aged almost 51. For works see Bibl. Dict. Engl. Caths. Vol. V.

SALKELD, Thomas, a native of the diocese of York, but probably allied to the Salkelds, of Whitehall, Cumber land; became an alumnus of Douay College, in 1688; was dismissed, when in the beginning of divinity, for joining with those who rebelled against Dr. Paston, and applied for admittance into the English College at Rome, but was refused. He then went to Paris and obtained a recommendation from Dr. Thos. Hall to Dr. Watkinson, of Lisbon, who admitted him; completed his course of theology; dedicated his thesis to the Cardinal Protector, and defended it with great applause, July 28, 1693; sent to the English mission, Dec. 16, 1694, where he laboured hard and successfully, and died in 1708.

SALVIN, William, son of William Salvin, of Newbiggin, co. York, Esq., by Doro., dau. of John Girlington, of Thurlancl Castle, co. Lancaster, Esq.; admitted Nov. 4, 1642; left March 7, 1644.

SANDERSON, George, born Jan. 21, 1807, son of George and Frances Sanderson, of Liverpool; admitted Aug. 1, 1819; alumnus Dec. 3, 1826; left Mar., 1828, re infecta.

SAUNDERS, Anthony, vide Morgan.

SAVAGE, Charles, born in Suffolk, son of Thomas Savage, and brother of Richard, below, admitted under alias of Carey, probably his mother's name, Dec. 7, 1640; publicly defended theses in philosophy, Mar. 7, 1642, and Mar. 28, 1643; was a convictor; left for France, Apr. 29, 1643.

SAVAGE, Richard, born in London, son of Thomas Savage; admitted under the alias of Carey, Dec. 7, 1640; dismissed Feb. 2, 1641. Possibly identical with Richard Savage, of the diocese of London, who took the College oath at Douay, May 30, 1650.

SCOTT, Alexander, went Cotton Hall; admitted Oct. 8, 1872; left Jan. 11, 1877; went Oscott College, 1877; Northampton, and ord. priest Sept. 24, 1881; now at Lowestoft.

SCOTT, Philip, born Feb. 25, 1801, son of Philip and Eliz. Scott, of London; went Sedgley Park School, 1810 1814; admitted Oct. 12, 1814; left in ill-health 1817.

SEDDON, Peter, admitted Dec. 7, 1846; ord. priest, and left May 21, 1859; at Bristol, 1859-60; Birmingham, 18613; Fairford, 1863–7; Salisbury, 1867-9; Bridgewater, 1869-70; Bedminster, 1870-6; Bristol, 1876-80; Liverpool, 1880-4 5 St. Mary s, Derby, 1884-5.

SEDDON, Thomas, admitted April 19, 1850; left May 7, 1861; went Old Hall College, and ord. priest, Jan. 19, 1862; at Soho, 1862-3; Commercial-road, East, 1863-7 York Place, 1867-72; Archbishop s House, Westminster, 1873 till death on his annual voyage with emigrant children to Canada, Sept. 22, 1898. Was 32 years Sec. to the Westminster Diocesan Education Fund.

SEED, Thomas, admitted Nov. 14, 1835; left July 6, 1847; ord. priest; at Peterborough, 1848-74; canon of Northampton, 1853; Norwich, 1874-6; St. Mary's Abbey, East Bergholt, 1876-82; Shefford, Beds., 1882, till death June 7, 1883.

SERGEANT, John, born early in 1622-3, son Wm. Sergeant, of Barrow-upon-Humber, co. Lincoln, yeoman; educated under Mr. Rawson at Barton, and at St. John's College, Cambridge, where entered as subsizar in 1639; graduated 1642-3; became secretary to Thomas Morton, bp. of Durham; converted 1643; admitted under alias of Holland, Nov. 4, 1643; alumnus June 29, 1646; ord. priest, Feb. 24, 1649, o.s.; taught classics till appointed procurator Apr. 5, 1652; prefect of studies, Oct. 1, 1652; recalled to England, 1653; returned in Aug., 1654, and resumed offices of procurator and prefect of studies till March 16, 1655, when appointed professor of philosophy; sent to England on affairs of the College in June, 1655, when the Chapter decided to retain his services and elected him their secretary, Dec. 19, 1655, an office which he held till 1667; died in 1710, aged 87; occasionally used the alias of Smith on the mission. For his numerous works vide Bibl. Dict. of Engl. Caths. Vol. V.

SHARP, Matthew, born Nov. 9, 1756, son of Francis Sharp and his wife Agnes Cooper, of Yorkshire; entered Douay College, Aug. 30, 1770, and having finished his third year s theology, was appointed minor-professor, Oct. 1, 1781, and was teaching rhetoric when he left Douay for Lisbon, Nov. 26, 1784, to teach philosophy; died on the mission at Hexham, Dec. 22, 1826, aged 70.

SHARPLES, Robert S., admitted Aug. 1, 1851; alumnus Dec. 7, 1859; ord. priest Dec., 1862; left Apr. 25, 1863; placed as curate to Mgr. Eyre, at St. Mary s Cathedral, Newcastle-on-Tyne; afterwards at Wellington Quay, Lowick, and New Tunstall, at latter of which spent last eighteen years of his life; died, Aug. 12, 1891.

SHEEHAN, John, admitted Feb. 13, 1836; ord. priest, and left July 10, 1845; at Slindon, Sussex, 1845, till death, October 14, 1869.

SHEEN, John, admitted Nov. 13, 1883; ord. priest Dec. 22, 1894; left July 19, 1845 n ow at Deptford, London.

SHEPHERD, Francis John, admitted Sept. 27, 1885; ord. priest Dec. 17, 1892; left Jan. 5, 1893; now at Sherborne, Dorset.

SHEPHERD, John, born Jan. 7, 1678, was probably son of Robert Shepherd, of Broughton, near Preston, co. Lancaster, gent., and a near relative of the Tootells and Charnleys; admitted Aug. 30, 1694; alumnus Dec. 21, 1701; ord. priest; sent England, June 1, 1706, and was stationed in Lancashire; probably served Manchester for some time after 1719; elected by the Chapter archdeacon of Lancashire, Rutland, and Notts, Feb. 12, 1723-4; removed to London; elected treasurer of the Chapter, sub-dean in July, 1755, and dean, March 9, 1756, which dignity he enjoyed till death, in London, Oct. 27, 1761, aged 83. He established a Fund at the College, of which he was appointed agent in England soon after he came to the mission.

SHEPPARD, John, a native of the South, admitted on Thatcher s Fund, March 25, 1733; alumnus Nov. 21, 1735; ord. priest; sent England, July 16, 1737; stationed at Cowdray, Sussex, seat of Lord Montagu, in 1745; probably removed to London, in 1757; elected canon of the Chapter, Feb. 15, 1759; became secretary, and subsequently archdeacon.

SHERBURNE, Richard, vide Taylor.

SHILLET, Edward, vide Hamerton.

SHIMELL, Richard, born in Shropshire, 1692, son of John Shimell, and his wife Ellen Turner, was converted to the faith by Mr. John Vane, alias Jones, agent for the College in London; admitted on the Curtis Fund, under alias of Turner, Feb., 1710; alumnus May 23, 1715; ord. priest, Dec. 31, 1716; acquired much honour by his talents and close application to study; sent England, Dec. 10, 1719; died at Chidiock, co. Dorset, Nov. 18, 1763, aged 71, where his nephew, Charles Shimell, was settled as chaplain. He was the author of "Epigramma in honorem S. Aridreae Avellini."

SHIRLEY, Henry, probably connected with the ancient family of Shirley, of Wiston, co. Sussex; came from Douay, and appointed procurator, Sept. 21, 1634; left for the English mission, Aug. 4, 1636.

SHIRLEY, James, admitted on Thatcher s Fund, Oct. 10, 1719; alumnus, Oct. 28, 1723; left April 30, 1728.

SHOOLBRED, Cuthbert, admitted Nov. 3, 1896; left Dec. 14, 1898; went St. John s Seminary, Wonersh, and ord. priest, July 15, 1900; now at Collegio Beda, Rome.

SHORT, Thomas, son of Thomas Short, Esq., a member of a family long seated at Bury St. Edmund s, co. Suffolk, and highly distinguished in the medical profession; admitted Feb. 23, 1636, under the alias of Peregrine, a name frequently recurring in the family; alumnus June 29, 1636; ord. priest June 13, 1641; sent England, Dec. 25, 1643.

SILVEIRA, Joseph Maria, born March 30, 1794, son of Albert Garcia de Silveira, and his wife Maria, of Lisbon; went Sedgley Park School, 1804-1815; admitted July 8, 1815; left on account of ill-health, 1817; continued his studies at Old Hall, Oct., 1817-Nov., 1820; ord. priest, Aug. 6, 1822, and placed at the Sardinian chapel, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields; removed to Gosport, Hants, 1827-8; at Slindon House, Sussex, 1829-45; withdrew from missionary work, 1845-9; at Havant, Hants, 1849-56; at Newport, Isle of Wight, 1856-7; and finally settled at Ryds in 1857, where resided till his death, Oct. 27, 1876, aged 82.

SIMPSON, Joseph, born April 13, 1764, son of John Simpson and his wife Catherine Champ, of London; went Sedgley Park School, 1775-8; admitted Sept. 12, 1778: expelled Nov. 26, 1780.

SINGLETON, James, admitted June 16, 1866; ord. priest, 1874; appointed superior, and now V.P.

SINGLETON, Michael, born Oct. 10, 1792, son of Joseph Singleton, and his wife Alice Bryers, of Goosnargh,.co. Lancaster; admitted Aug. 15, 1814; alumnus, Oct. 4, 1818; ord. priest; left for the mission, April 26, 1826; stationed at the chapel in Cockshaw, Hexham, till death, March 20, 1863, aged 70.

SKELTON, James, son of Richard Skelton, Esq., of Armathwaite Castle, co. Cumberland, by Mary, dau. of George Meynell, of Dalton-Royal, co. York, Esq.; alumnus, Dec. 21, 1711; ord. priest; appointed prof, of philosophy April 15, 1719-1722, prefect of studies, Sept. 15, 1719; again prof. of philosophy Dec. 28, 1727; probably left for England, 1732; stationed at Markington-with Wallerthwaite, parish of Ripon, and died at Raventofts, co. York, March 28, 1760.

SKINNER, John, son of John Skinner, Esq., of Oxfordshire, admitted under alias of Smith, July 4, 1633; alumnus, June 29, 1635, ord. priest, April 20, 1636: left for the mission, Oct. 4, 1638; died Sept. i, 1674, in Norfolk, " being aged, and having beene long infirme."

SKINNER, John, born 1638, son of George Skinner, of Warwickshire, Esq.; admitted as a convictor under the alias of Chrimpsey, Mar. 8, 1652; left June 3, 1658 probably got ordained elsewhere and is identical with the John Skinner who was chaplain at Foxcote, co. Warwick, the seat of the Cannings, and died in 1685.

SKINNER, William, born 1639, son of George Skinner, Esq.; admitted with his brother John, q.v., March 8, 1652, under the alias of Chrimpsey; alumnus, Oct. 10, 1655 left in ill-health Dec. 15, 1656; presumably got ordained elsewhere and is identical with the William Skinner, elected by the Chapter, June 4, 1684, archdeacon of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, who died in 1694. At Lanherne were formerly relics of one "D[om] G[ul.] Skinner," called a martyr.

SLAUGHTER, George, 3rd son of Bellingham Slaughter, of Cheyney s Court, co. Hereford, Esq., by Winifred, dau. of John Berington, of Winsley, Esq.; admitted June, 1683; alumnus, April 17, 1688; ord. priest Nov. 11? 1691; taught classics for two years; appointed professor of philosophy, Sept. 16, 1695, in which chair he remain ed for six years; then taught theology with short intervals till his death; returned to England on family affairs, and whilst there was presented by Bp. Gifford with a patent for the vice-presidency, dated June 21, 1710; formally installed at Lisbon, Sept. 15, 1710; regent to the presidency, Dec. 28, 1738-Aug. 14, 1739; died in the College, Sept. 10, 1741.

SLEIGHFORD, or Sliefild, Ralph, born in Staffordshire, of a gentleman's family, probably of Surrey extraction, was imprisoned and condemned to death on a charge of liberating a priest harboured by Mrs. Ann Line in 1601, but, obtaining a reprieve, was banished; went to the Eng. Coll., Seville, where he was ord. priest, and assumed the alias of William Newman; went to Lisbon, in 1605, and was appointed rector of the English residency, the term given to a house purchased some few years earlier by Nicholas Aston, q.v.; was made one of the visitors of the Inquisition; devoted his energies to the establishment of an English College at Lisbon for the education of secular priests; with this object went to Madrid in Aug., 1621, to obtain the necessary permission for the foundation from Philip IV., but met with much opposition from the Jesuits, who claimed that the government of the proposed college should be subjected to them; at. length surmounted the opposition, returned to Lisbon, and obtained papal confirmation of the new establishment by brief dated Sept. 22, 1622; after considerable further trouble over the question of government, it was finally decided that the president should be nominated by the English archpriest, and the founder, Dom Pedro de Coutinho, purchased premises and erected a small church; two or three years were spent in fitting the building, which was taken possession of by Mr. Joseph Harvey, q.v., and a colony of students from Douay, on Nov. 14, 1628; the date of Mr. Sleighford s death is not recorded.

SMITH, Anthony, son of Thomas Smith, admitted under alias of Martines, Feb. 23, 1636; alumnus June 29, 1639; ord. priest, May 8, 1644; left for England, Dec. 10, 1646; died on the mission, July 8, 1685.

SMITH, Benjamin, born Nov. 10, 1769, son of Benjamin Smith and his wife Mary Ward, of Witham, co. Essex; went to Sedgley Park School, 1780-4; admitted May 28, 1784; ord. priest Dec. 1794, and died in the College, Oct. 19, 1795.

SMITH, Francis, alumnus, April 7, 1688; ord. priest; sent England, Feb. 16, 1692, and stationed in Devonshire; elected archdeacon of the Chapter, July n, 1743; died at Mr. Chester s at Bearscombe, near Kingsbridge, co. Devon, Feb. 25, 1747-8, very advanced in years.

SMITH, James, born June i, 1732, admitted Jan. 16, 1748; alumnus, Dec. 19, 1750; ord. priest, Dec. 18, 1756; left for the mission in London, Dec. 20, 1757. About 1776 he apostatized, was straightway given the rectory of Eastbridge, and soon after the vicarage of Alkham with the chapel le Ferme annexed to it. In vindication of his conduct he published "The Errors of the Church of Rome Detected, in Ten Dialogues, between Benevolus and Sincerus." Canterbury, 1777, 8vo.; 2nd ed., Lond., 1778, 8vo. This was probably his own version of the private controversy he had after his fall with Mr. Jerome Allen (q.v.). It was answered by " Popery vindicated from divers vulgar aspersions in some letters occasioned by the Dialogues of Rev. James Smith, a priest educated at Lisbon. By Pacificus." Lond., 1777, 8vo. "Smith of Dover," wrote Bishop Milner in the Postscript to his Address to the Bishop of St. David s, "was one of those wretched priests, who, wanting the grace necessary for living up to the strictness of their obligations, have attempted to excuse their breach of them, by abusing the Church which imposes them upon them. His pungem-bryo was stifled in the birth, and he himself soon after his fall met with that awful end which has been the general fate, within our own memory, of this class of converts. Smith dropped down dead in Canterbury Cathedral about the year 1780."

SMITH, John, vide Sergeant.

SMITH, John, vide Warham; also Skinner.

SMITH, Richard, born near London, Dec. 12, 1725, son of John Smith and his wife Mary Jefferson; admitted about 1737; left for the English College at Rome in Sept., and arrived Oct. 16, 1741, and placed in lower schools; ord. priest Feb. 1, and left Rome, April 13, 1750, for the mission.

SMITH, Robert, vide Warham.

SMYTHE, William M., admitted Feb. 11, 1870; left June 6, went to Ushaw, and ord. priest Dec. 18, 1880; now at Berwick-on-Tweed.

SPAIN, George, born Jan. 9, 1778, son of William Spain, and his wife Eliz. Hertend, of Hainton, co. Lincoln, subsequently of London; admitted March 12, 1802; alumnus Dec. 16, 1804; ord. priest; left for England, Feb. 21, 1809; served Newport, Isle of Wight, July 5, 1810-Oct. 31, 1820; transferred to the Bavarian Chapel, Warwick-street, Golden-square, London, where died, Dec. 9, 1838, aged 60; an indefatigable missioner, and an eloquent preacher.

SPARROW, Anthony, born Dec. 17, 1776, son of Anthony Sparrow and his wife Anne Creven, of Harewood, co. York; admitted on Simon Geo. Bordley s Fund, Oct. 13^ 1790; left.

SPLAINE, Austin William, born in Liverpool, Sept. 4, 1836; educ. Catholic Institute, Liverpool, and St. Edmund s Coll., Douay; admitted Sept. 20, 1860; ord. priest June 19, 1863; left July 9, 1864; at Scorton, Lancashire, assistant to Dr. Ilsley, whom he succeeded in 1868, and so continued till death, Nov. 24, 1888, aged 52. Three of his brothers joined the Society, and a fourth died an ecclesiastical student.

SPOONER, Samuel, born of protestant parents at Dartmouth, Sept. 17, 1783, was in the employ of a wealthy merchant at Lisbon, named Seely, when he became a Catholic; the pious old Marquis de Ponte de Lima became his patron, stood godfather on the occasion of his reception into the Church at the English College, provided for his pension, and nominated him to a small benefice in the church of Evora; admitted Sept. 15, 1807; left for England, Feb. 24, 1809; went to Ushaw College, where he finished his divinity, but went to St. Edmund s College, Old Hall, in Nov., and was ord. priest in Dec., 1810; served at Torbay, Chepstow, and, on Dec. 10, 1815, w T ent to Plymouth, whence the bishop w r as obliged to remove him in 1820; returned to Portugal for the purpose of arranging matters relative to his benefice, and was detained there over a year by the revolution; after a rambling life, made a pious end in London, Aug. 8, 1839, aged 56, and was interred at Moorfields; thought by many to have been better suited for an actor than a missionary. He published a work entitled "Letters on Portugal."

STANLEY, Edward, vide Biddlecorne.

STANLEY, Henry, admitted Oct. 20, 1881; left Feb. 9, 1887; went to St. Joseph s Seminary, Leeds, and ord. priest Sept. 22, 1888; now at Norwich.

STANLEY, William, vide Leighton.

STANTON, John, admitted Mar. 15, 1837; ord. priest, and left July 6, 1847 at Miletown, Sheerness, 1847-50; Soho, 1850-1; Bedford-square, 1851-7; Commercial-road, East, 1857-8; Great Saffron Hill, 1858-9; Poplar, London, 1859-79 5 invalided till death, 1881.

STARKEY, Charles, son of Henry Starkey, of Darley, co. Chester, Esq.; admitted Feb. 23, 1636, under the alias of Warburton, probably his mother s name; alumnus Feb. 23, 1638; ord. priest, April 6, 1638.

STARKIE, Francis, vide Humphrey and Thomas Whitaker.

STAY, Edward, born Nov. 13, 1803, son of Dionysius and Hannah Stay, of Manchester; admitted Aug. 1, 1819; alumnus Dec. 3, 1826; ord. priest April 27, and left May 12, 1830.

STEVENSON, William, vide Leighton.

STRICKLAND, Jarrard Edward, born at Sizergh Castle, Westmoreland, Feb. 24, 1782, second son of Jarrard Edward Strickland, Esq., of Willitoft, co. York, and his wife Coecilia, only dau. of Wm. Towneley, of Towneley Hall, Esq., (by Coecilia, dau. and sole heiress of Ralph Standish, of Standish Hall, Esq.) and sister and heiress of Edw. Towneley Standish, of Standish Hall, co. Lan caster, Esq., and relict of Charles Strickland, of Sizergh Castle, Esq.; admitted Sept. 24, 1791; left; married, Aug. 18, 1814, Anne, 2nd dau. of Francis Cholmeley, of Brandsby Hall, co. York, Esq., by Teresa Anne, dau. of Sir Henry Englefield, of White Knights, co. Berks, Bart.; resided at Hook, near Wardour, co. Wilts, and Loughglynn, co. Roscommon; died, Aug. 7, 1844, aged 62, and buried at Orotava, Teneriffe; had six sons—Charles, Fr. Wm., S.J., Sir Edward, K.C.B., Fr. Jarrard, S.J., Walter, of Malta, commander R.N. (whose son Gerard Paul, Count Strickland Delia Catena, inherited through his mother the Maltese titles of the Seebarras family), and Thomas,—and four daughters.

STUTTARD, Richard, born Sept. 1, 1769; son of John Stuttard and his wife Cath. Colwin of Kington, co. Middlesex; went Sedgley Park School, 1778-1786; admit, on Triple Trust under alias of Fisher, Sept. 29, 1786; ord. priest; left for England, 1795; succeeded Mr. Fromant at Louth, co. Lincoln, and was himself succeeded by Mr. Fris. Martyn about Jan., 1806.

STYCHE, James, probably son of John Styche, of Birming ham, co. Warwick, and his wife, Miss Hawkins, of Brewood, co. Stafford; admitted on Thatcher s Fund, under the alias of Hawkins, July 20, 1733; alumnus Sept. 15, 1737; ord. priest May 30, 1744; sent England, Aug. 24, 1744, and stationed at Hainton Hall, co. Lincoln, seat of Thomas Heneage, Esq.; subsequently removed to Sixhills, Grange, where he died, March 9, 1764, and was succeeded by Mr. Robert Newton.

SUBRA, John F., admit. Sept. 28, 1879; ord. priest Mar. 19, 1888; left May n, 1899; now at Maiden-lane, London.

SUGAR, Thos., vide Morgan.

SUMNER, John, born Feb. 25, 1765, at Newburn, North Carolina, son of Edward Sumner, of Warrington, co. Lancaster, and his wife Mary Haslam; brought to Eng land when about two years old; sent to Sedgley Park School, Jan. 5, 1774-July 12, 1779; admitted Aug. 23, 1779; alumnus March 12, 1781; received minor orders; left, and returned to Sedgley Park as lay-master, in or about 1790, but after some years went to live at Manchester; returned to Sedgley, 1798; left again in 1805 to return to Manchester, where he kept a school; returned again to Sedgley, June, 1810, as procurator, and so continued till his death at the Park, Apr. 24, 1834, aged 69.

SUTTON, Robert, brother of William Sutton, q.v.; admitted under alias of Salisbury, March 24, 1655; alumnus Aug. 24, 1656; ord. priest Jan. 24, 1662; left for England, March 9, 1662; died on the mission in or near York, Aug. 19, 1675.

SUTTON, Thomas, brother of William Sutton, q.v., born 1643 admitted under alias of Salisbury; ord. priest, and sent to England, Feb. 2, 1670; "a very hopefull and vertuous person … after haveing beene cutt for the stone divers tymes about foure yeares before, and suffered extreamly all that Tyme, but especially for the last ten weekes," died, Oct. 20, 1674, about 4 p.m., at the Rose in Holborn, aged 31, and was interred at Somerset House.

SUTTON, William, born 1631, son of Stephen Sutton, gent., of Yorkshire; admitted under the alias of Salisbury, Aug. 3, 1648; alumnus Sept, 17, 1654; ord. priest Feb. 4, 1655; left Feb. 26, 1655; joined the Bridgettines at Syon, Lisbon, of which monastery two of his sisters, Ursula and Marianna, became abbesses; died at Syon, March 9, 1690, aged 70.

SWINBURNE, Thomas, probably of the county of Durham; admitted June 29, 1765; alumnus March 16, 1772.

SWINBURNE, Wm., vide Ogle.