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Hood River Glacier, September 13, 1895 (1895)
A Woman Historian
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Mrs. Victor Has Written Histories of Five Western States.

Mrs. Victor.

Oregon recognizes the literary genius and ability of women in the selection of Mrs. Frances Fuller Victor as the state's historian. At its last session the legislature passed an act authorizing the secretary of state to appoint some one to write the "History of the Early Indian Wars of Oregon," and Mrs. Victor was named for this work. The literary tastes of women do not ordinarily run in the line of historical compilation and writing, but Mrs. Victor seems to possess a peculiar gift in this direction.

Mrs. Victor has accomplished much in literature and has written a number of important historical works. Among her best known books are "Atlantis Arisen," which deals with the physical features of the northwestern country, interspersed with anecdotes, and "The River of the West," containing early annals of that region "where rolls the Oregon" and an account of the operations of the fur companies. Her labors in the Bancroft library covered a period of 11 years, from 1878 to 1889, during which time she produced exclusively histories of Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming and Oregon. She compiled all the political history in volumes 6 and 7 of Bancroft's California series and also the railroad history. She has likewise written a valuable and practical work on "Transportation and Mining."

Mrs. Victor is a native of New York state, but went to Ohio when young. She began her literary career as a contributor of prose and verse to various eastern periodicals. In 1865 she married Mr. Victor, a naval officer, and with him went to the Pacific coast, where she became identified with California journalism. She contributed to San Francisco and Chicago publications stories and sketches, which she gave a western coloring. She now lives in Oregon.