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Date, A.D. Italian Name. Usually known as Place of Origin. Family Name.
Died 67 *S. Peter[1] Bethsaida
67-76 *S. Lino S. Linus Volterra
76-88 *S. Cleto i S. Cletus i Rome
88-97 *S. Clemente i. S. Clement i Rome
97-105 *S. Evaristo S. Evaristus Syria.
105-115 *S. Alessandro i S. Alexander i Rome
115-125 *S. Sisto i S. Sixtus i Rome Of the Elvidian Gens.
125-136 *S. Telesforo S. Telesphorus Greece
136−140 *S. Igino S. Hyginus Greece
140-155 *S. Pio i S. Pius i Aquileia
155-166 *S. Aniceto S. Anicetus Syria
166-175 *S. Sotero S. Soter Campania
175-189 *S. Eleuterio S. Eleutherius Epirus
189-199 *S. Vittore i S. Victor i Africa
199-217 *S. Zefirino S. Zephyrinus Rome.
217-222 *S. Calisto i S. Calixtus i Rome Of the Domitian Gens
217-235 Anti-Pope Ippolito S. Hippolytus Rome
222-230 *S. Urbano i S. Urban i Rome.
230-235 *S. Ponziano S. Pontianus Rome Of the Calpurnian Gens
235-236 *S. Antero S. Anteros Greece
236-250 *S. Fabiano S. Fabian Rome
251-253 *S. Cornelio S. Cornelius Rome
251 Anti-Pope Novanziano Novatian (Anti-Pope to Cornelio)
253-254 *S. Lucio i S. Lucius i Rome
254-257 *S. Stefano i S. Stephen i Rome Of the Julian Gens.

-258 . *S. Sisto ii. . S. Sixtus ii. . . Athens. -268 . *S. Dionisio . S. Dionysius . . Tyre. -274 . *S. Felice I. . S. Felix i. . . Rome. -283 . *S. Eutichiano S. Eutychianus . Lucca. -296 . *S. Caio S. Caius . . Dalmatia. -304 . *S. Marcellino S. Marcellinus . Rome. -309 . *S. Marcello i. S. Marcellus i. . Rome. -3 " . *S. Eusebio . S. Eusebius . . Calabria. -314 . S. Melciade .. S. Melchiades . Africa.

I 4~335 

. S. Silvestro I. S. Sylvester i. i Rome.

. S. Marco . S. Marcus . . Rome. -352 . S. Giulio i. . S. Julius i. . Rome. -366 . *Liberio Liberius . . Rome . . . Savelli. -365 . *A nti-Pope S. Felice II. Felix II. Pope during the exile oj r Pope Liberius. -384 . S. Damas i. S. Damasus i. . Spain. -367 384-399 . Anti-Pope Ursino. . S. Siricio S. Siricius . . Rome. -401 S. Anastasio i. S. Anastasius i. . Rome . . . Massimi.

  • Martyr.

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  1. In the register of the patriarchal basilica of St. Paul's Without the Walls we find: "St. Peter of Bethsaida in Galilee, Chief of the Apostles; who received from Jesus Christ the Supreme Pontifical Power, to transmit it to his successors, resided first in Antioch, then at Rome, where he met with his martyrdom on the 29th of June, in the year 67 of our era."