In Celebration of San Mateo County's Participation in "Streets Alive"

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In Celebration of San Mateo County's Participation in "Streets Alive"



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ms. SPEIER. Madam Speaker, every American can do something to address some of the most pressing issues facing our nation today--health care, energy independence, the obesity epidemic--simply by riding a bicycle or taking a walk.

That is why I commend the County of San Mateo and other cities in the 12th Congressional District of California for joining in the "Streets Alive" celebration as part of World Health Day festivities on April 11, 2010. This worthwhile endeavor is part of "1000 Cities, 1000 Lives," an international project to enlist 1000 local governments around the globe to open streets and public spaces to pedestrians and bicyclists as a worldwide message of cooperation and commitment to healthy and active living.

I have the extreme privilege of representing one of the most beautiful areas in our nation, yet too many of us only see it while stuck in traffic. This is an excellent opportunity to slow down, get some exercise, visit with neighbors and soak in the local treasures that attract so many to the Peninsula in the first place.

Madam Speaker, I commend the forward-thinking leaders of San Mateo County for participating in such a worthwhile event and urge my constituents and all Americans to celebrate World Health Day on April 11 by biking or walking through their community. They and the world will be healthier for it.

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