In Recognition of Dr. Stan Rockman of the San Mateo Medical Center

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In Recognition of Dr. Stan Rockman of the San Mateo Medical Center



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ms. SPEIER. Madam Speaker, I rise to honor Dr. Stan Rockman who after 35 years has this to say about his choice to practice public healthcare: "I love providing high quality care to patients with few options." He asserts that the patient mix at the San Mateo Medical Center enables him to practice international medicine.

Dr. Rockman is the Chief of Gastroenterology and was appointed to the San Mateo Medical Center in 1971. I have personally known him for 30 years and have witnessed his passion for healing.

A favorite story of Dr. Rockman's involves the day his 16-year-old son paid him a visit at lunchtime. His son waited in the lobby where he observed a man in a hospital gown dragging himself down the hallway, posterior exposed, an IV still attached to his arm and two security guards in close pursuit--another futile attempt to escape from drug rehab.

Dr. Rockman says his son was in awe that his father worked in a place like this on a daily basis.

Madam Speaker, Dr. Stan Rockman is a true hero of healthcare in our county and state. The San Mateo Medical Foundation was right to honor his contributions at a special ceremony on April 30th.

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