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Index:Black Beauty (1877).djvu

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Title Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse
Author Anna Sewell
Year 1877
Publisher Jarrold and Sons
Location London
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Advertising not transcluded
Validated in March 2011



I. My Early Home 9
II. The Hunt 12
III. My Breaking In 16
IV. Birtwick Park 21
V. A Fair Start 25
VI. Liberty 30
VII. Ginger 32
VIII. Ginger's Story Continued 38
IX. Merrylegs 43
X. A Talk in the Orchard 47
XI. Plain Speaking 54
XII. A Stormy Day 58
XIII. The Devil's Trade Mark 63
XIV. James Howard 67
XV. The Old Ostler 71
XVI. The Fire 75
XVII. John Manly's Talk 80
XVIII. Going for the Doctor 85
XIX. Only Ignorance 90
XX. Joe Green 93
XXI. The Parting 97
XXII. Earlshall 101
XXIII. A Strike for Liberty 106
XXIV. The Lady Anne, or A Runaway Horse 110
XXV. Reuben Smith 118
XXVI. How it Ended 123
XXVII. Ruined, and going Down-hill 127
XXVIII. A Job Horse, and his Drivers 131
XXIX. Cockneys 136
XXX. A Thief 144
XXXI. A Humbug 148
XXXII. The Horse Fair 152
XXXIII. A London Cab Horse 157
XXXIV. An Old War Horse 162
XXXV. Jerry Barker 169
XXXVI. The Sunday Cab 177
XXXVII. The Golden Rule 183
XXXVIII. Dolly and a real Gentleman 188
XXXIX. Seedy Sam 193
XL. Poor Ginger 198
XLI. The Butcher 201
XLII. The Election 205
XLIII. A Friend in Need 208
XLIV. Old Captain, and his Successor 214
XLV. Jerry's New Year 220
XLVI. Jakes and the Lady 228
XLVII. Hard Times 233
XLVIII. Farmer Thoroughgood and his Grandson Willie 239
XLIX. My Last Home 244