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I. The Broken Bridge 1
II. "There's a Snake!" 14
III. The Merry-Go-Round 25
IV. A Missing Coat 34
V. Sam is Worried 48
VI. Happy Days Coming 57
VII. The Crying Boy 68
VIII. Angry Mr. Blipper 79
IX. The Big Swing 89
X. Down a Big Hole 99
XI. The County Fair 108
XII. On the Track 121
XIII. In the Cornfield 129
XIV. Freddie and the Pumpkin 139
XV. Up in a Balloon 148
XVI. On the Island 158
XVII. The Searching Party 167
XVIII. On the Rocks 173
XIX. Two Little Sailors 182
XX. A Happy Meeting 194
XXI. Bert, Nan and Bob 199
XXII. Joyous Times 207