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I. The Ice-Boat 1
II. Building the "Bird" 13
III. A Runaway 28
IV. The Old Woodchopper 36
V. Glorious News 46
VI. On to New York 59
VII. On the Express Train 68
VIII. A Long Ride 80
IX. In the Store 90
X. Lost Underground 104
XI. Freddie and the Turtle 116
XII. In the Theatre 127
XIII. The "Rescue" of Freddie 137
XIV. The Store Camp 153
XV. Sad News 161
XVI. The Big Elephant 170
XVII. Called Home 181
XVIII. A Queer Ride 191
XIX. The Goat 202
XX. Mr. Bobbsey Comes Back 214
XXI. Uncle Jack's Real Name 225
XXII. Reunited 233