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Introduction v-xii
An Old-Fashioned Christmas Eve 1
The Lads who Met the trolls in the Hedale Wood 19
Matthias the Hunter's Stories 25
The Lad and the Devil 36
The Man who was going to Mind the House 40
The Cormorants of Udrost 45
The Giant who had no Heart 52
The Pancake 62
A Day with the Capercailzies 68
The Greedy Youngster 94
The Seven Fathers in the House 108
Brave Old Bruin 111
Mother Bertha's Stories 114
The Smith and the Devil 132
The Three Billy Goats who went up into the Hills to get Fat 141

Peter Gynt 145

Legends of the Mill 151

The Lad and the North Wind 162

Ashiepattle and the King's Hares 168

Mackerel Trolling 180

Peik 194

Foolish Men and Scolding Wives 203

The Parson and the Clerk 206

The Giant and Johannes Blessom 209

The Box with the Funny Thing in it 214

The Widow's Son 215

East of the Sun and West of the Moon 227

Ashiepattle who made the Princess tell the Truth at last 243

An Evening in the Squire's Kitchen 248

Hans who made the Princess Laugh 269

A Summer Night in a Norwegian Forest 277

The Witch 295

The Charcoal Burner 308