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CONTENTS. FIRST SERIES. Page Introduction, 1 Chapter I. Abundance, Scarcity, 5 II. Obstacle, Cause, 13 III. Effort, Result, 16 IV. To Equalize the Conditions of Production, 24 V. Our Products are Burdened with Taxes, 39 VI. Balance of Trade, 45 VII. Petition of the Manufacturers of Candles, Wax-lights, Lamps, Candlesticks, Street Lamps, Snuffers, Extinguishers, and of the Producers of Oil, Tallow, Rosin, Alcohol, and, generally, of everything connected with Lighting, 49 VIII. Differential Duties, 63 IX. Immense Discovery, 54 X. Reciprocity, 58 XI, Nominal Prices, 60 XII. Does Protection Raise the Rate of Wages ? . . . 64 XIIL Theory, Practice, 69 XIV. Conflict of Principles, 74 XV. Reciprocity again, 78 XVI. Obstructed Navigation pleading for the Prohibition- ists, 79 XVII. A Negative Railway, 80 XVIII. There are No Absolute Principles, 82 XIX. National Independence, 84 XX. Human Labour, National Labour, 87 XXI. Raw Materials, 92 XXII. Metaphors, 100 Conclusion, 104 Vlll CONTENTS. SECOND SERIES. Page Chapter I. Physiology of Spoliation, ,• 111 II. Two Principles of Morality, 128 III. The Two Hatchets, 136 IV, Lower Council of Labour, 139 V. Dearness, Cheapness, 142 VI. To Artisans and Workmen, 151 VII. A Chinese Story, . 159 VIII. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc, 163 IX. The Premium Theft, 165 X. The Taxgatherer, 173 XI. The Utopian Free-Trader, 178 XIL The Salt-Tax, Bates of Postage, and Customhouse Duties, 186 XIII. Protection ; or, the Three City Magistrates, . . . 200 XIV. Something Else, 210 XV. The Little Arsenal of the Free-Trader, . . . .218 XVI. The Eight Hand and the Left, 224

XVII. Domination by Labour, . 230