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Index:Emily Dickinson Poems (1890).djvu

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Title Poems
Author Emily Dickinson
Editor Mabel Loomis Todd and T. W. Higginson
Year 1890
Publisher Roberts Brothers
Location Boston
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in January 2010


Preface iii
Prelude 9


I. Success 13
II. "Our share of night to bear" 14
III. Rouge et Noir 15
IV. Rouge gagne 16
V. "Glee! the storm is over" 17
VI. "If I can stop one heart from breaking" 18
VII. Almost 19
VIII. "A wounded deer leaps highest" 20
IX. "The heart asks pleasure first" 21
X. In a Library 22
XI. "Much madness is divinest sense" 24
XII. "I asked no other thing" 25
XIII. Exclusion 26
XIV. The Secret 27
XV. The Lonely House 28
XVI. "To fight aloud is very brave" 30
XVII. Dawn 31
XVIII. The Book of Martyrs 32
XIX. The Mystery of Pain 33
XX. "I taste a liquor never brewed" 34
XXI. A Book 35
XXII. "I had no time to hate, because" 36
XXIII. Unreturning 37
XXIV. "Whether my bark went down at sea" 38
XXV. "Belshazzar had a letter" 39
XXVI. "The brain within its groove" 40


I. Mine 43
II. Bequest 44
III. "Alter? When the hills do" 45
IV. Suspense 46
V. Surrender 47
VI. "If you were coming in the fall" 48
VII. With a Flower 50
VIII. Proof 51
IX. “Have you got a brook in your little heart?” 52
X. Transplanted 53
XI. The Outlet 54
XII. In Vain 55
XIII. Renunciation 58
XIV. Love's Baptism 60
XV. Resurrection 62
XVI. Apocalypse 63
XVII. The Wife 64
XVIII. Apotheosis 65


I. “New feet within my garden go” 69
II. May-Flower 70
III. Why? 71
IV. “Perhaps you ’d like to buy a flower” 72
V. “The pedigree of honey” 73
VI. A Service of Song 74
VII. “The bee is not afraid of me” 75
VIII. Summer's Armies 76
IX. The Grass 78
X. "A little road not made of man" 80
XI. Summer Shower 81
XII. Psalm of the Day 82
XIII. The Sea of Sunset 84
XIV. Purple Clover 85
XV. The Bee 87
XVI. "Presentiment is that long shadow" 88
XVII. "As children bid the guest good-night" 89
XVIII. "Angels in the early morning" 90
XIX. "So bashful when I spied her" 91
XX. Two Worlds 92
XXI. The Mountain 93
XXII. A Day 94
XXIII. "The butterfly's assumption-gown" 95
XXIV. The Wind 96
XXV. Death and Life 98
XXVI. "'T was later when the summer went" 99
XXVII. Indian Summer 100
XXVIII. Autumn 102
XXIX. Beclouded 103
XXX. The Hemlock 104
XXXI. "There's a certain slant of light" 106

BOOK IV.—Time and Eternity

I. "One dignity delays for all" 109
II. Too late 110
III. Astra Castra 112
IV. "Safe in their alabaster chambers" 113
V. "On this long storm the rainbow rose" 114
VI. From the Chrysalis 115
VII. Setting Sail 116
VIII. "Look back on time with kindly eyes" 117
IX. "A train went through a burial gate" 118
X. "I died for beauty, but was scarce" 119
XI. Troubled about many things 120
XII. Real 121
XIII. The Funeral 122
XIV. "I went to thank her" 123
XV. "I've seen a dying eye" 124
XVI. Refuge 125
XVII. "I never saw a moor" 126
XVIII. Playmates 127
XIX. "To know just how he suffered" 128
XX. "The last night that she lived" 130
XXI. The First Lesson 132
XXII. "The bustle in the house" 133
XXIII. "I reason, earth is short" 134
XXIV. "Afraid? Of whom am I afraid?" 135
XXV. Dying 136
XXVI. "Two swimmers wrestled on a spar" 137
XXVII. The Chariot 138
XXVIII. "She went as quiet as the dew" 140
XXIX. Resurgam 141
XXX. "Except to heave she is nought" 142
XXXI. "Death is a dialogue between" 143
XXXII. "It was too late for man" 144
XXXIII. Along the Potomac 145
XXXIV. "The daisy follows soft the Sun" 146
XXXV. Emancipation 147
XXXVI. Lost 148
XXXVII. "If I shouldn't be alive" 149
XXXVIII. "Sleep is supposed to be" 150
XXXIX. "I shall know why when time is over" 151
XL. "I never lost as much but twice" 152