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General William Booth enters into Heaven, and other poems.djvu

general william booth enters into heaven PAGE
the drunkards in the street 5
the city that will not repent 6
the trap 9
where is david the next king of israel? 12
on reading omar khayyam 14
the beggar's valentine 16
honor among scamps 19
the gamblers 20
on the road to nowhere 22
upon returning to the country road 24
the angel and the clown 26
springfield magical 28
incense 29
the wedding of the rose and the lotos 30
king arthur's men have come again 32
foreign missions in battle array 34
star of my heart 36
look you, i'll go pray 38
at mass 39
heart of god 40
the empty boats 41
with a bouquet of twelve roses 42
st. francis of assisi 43
buddha 44
a prayer to all the dead among mine own people 45
to reformers in despair 46
why i voted the socialist ticket 47
to the united states senate 49
the knight in disguise 52
the wizard in the street 55
the eagle that is forgotten 58
shakespeare 60
michaelangelo 61
titian 62
lincoln 63
the cornfields 64
sweet briars of the stairways 65
fantasies and whims:—
 the fairy bridal hymn 67
 the potato's dance 68
 how a little girl sang 70
 ghosts in love 71
 the queen of bubbles 72
 the tree of laughing bells, or the wings of morning 74
 sweethearts of the year 82
 the sorceress 85
 caught in a net 86
 eden in winter 87
 genesis 91
 queen mab in the village 94
 the dandelion 99
 the light o' the moon 100
 a net to snare the moonlight 106
 beyond the moon 107
 the song of the garden-toad 109
a gospel of beauty:—
 the proud farmer 112
 the illinois village 114
 on the building of springfield 117