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Index:Health and beauty by Caplin

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  • Introduction. I-XII.
  • Chapter I. On the relation of dress to the human figure. 1-6.
  • Chapter II. On infancy, and the dresses adapted to that period of life. 7-11.
  • Chapter III. Clothing from the age of one to twelve years. 12-18.
  • Chapter IV. Clothing from the age of twelve to eighteen years. 19-34.
  • Chapter V. The corset, it history, use, and abuse. 35-41.
  • Chapter VI. On the adaptation of the corset to the body. 42-51.
  • Chapter VII. On gestation. 52-60.
  • Chapter VIII. Middle life. 61-67
  • Chapter IX. On spinal deformities. 68-79.
  • Chapter X. Old age, and its requirements. 80-84.