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Lyrical ballads, Volume 1, Wordsworth, 1800.djvu



Expostulation and Reply 1
The Tables turned; an Evening Scene, on the same subject 4
Animal Tranquillity and Decay, a Sketch 7
The Complaint of a forsaken Indian Woman 9
The Last of the Flock 15
Lines left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree which stands near the Lake of Esthwaite 21
The Foster-Mother's Tale 25
Goody Blake and Harry Gill 29
The Thorn 38
We are Seven 54
Anecdote for Fathers 59
Lines written at a small distance from my House, and sent by my little Boy to the Person to whom they are addressed 64
The Female Vagrant 67
The Dungeon 83
Simon Lee, the old Huntsman 85
Lines written in early Spring 92
The Nightingale, written in April, 1798. 94
Lines written when sailing in a Boat at Evening 101
Lines written near Richmond, upon the Thames 103
The Idiot Boy 107
Love 138
The Mad Mother 145
The Ancient Mariner 155
Lines written above Tintern Abbey 201