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Index:The Celtic Review volume 3.djvu

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The Celtic Review volume 3.djvu

Title The Celtic Review, 3
Editor Professor Donald Mackinnon and Ella Carmichael
Year 1907
Publisher Norman MacLeod
Location Edinburgh
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed

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Pages   (key to Page Status)   

A Great Cymric Bard, Arthur Hughes, B.A., 193
Alexander Macbain, LL.D. (with portrait)
W. J. Watson, M.A., B.A., 381
Ancient Celtic Goddesses, Professor E. Anwyl, 26
An Old Cymric Legend, Gwyneth Vaughan, 154
An Sithean Ruadh,
The late Rev. Fr. Allan MacDonald, Eriskay,
A Vanished Type, A.C., 376
Celtic Civilization, David MacRitchie, 252
Lionel Radiguet, D.D., LL.OO.V.,
Gaisgeach na Sgéithe Deirge (with Notes),
Kenneth Macleod, 257, 346
Innis in Place-Names, W. J. Watson, M.A., B.A., 239
Leaving Certificate Examination, 1906—Gaelic

Notes on the Study of Gaelic—concludedW. J. Watson; The Honour of a Gaul—translated by W. J. W.; Bramble Water—Professor H. H. Johnson,

Notes (chiefly on books), 286
Observations of Classical Writers on the Habits of the Celtic Nations, as illustrated from Irish Records, Eleanor Hull, 62, 138
Ashig—Kilinaline, Mull, 192
St. Columba of the Graves—St. Maolrithe and St Maolruan, 380
Reply—Ashig, 288
Reviews of Books:
The Place-Names of Argyll (reviewed by Professor Mackinnon), 83

The Four Winds of Eirinn (reviewed by E. O’G.); Layamon (reviewed by A. O. A.)—The Early Scottish Church (reviewed by J. C. R.); The Poetry of Badenoch (reviewed by D. L.); Inverness in the Fifteenth Century (reviewed by Willam Mackay); A Dialect of Donegal (reviewed by Rev. C. M. Robertson),

Scottish Gaelic Dialects, Rev. C. M. Robertson, 97, 223, 319
Sea Poems—Gaelic, Kenneth Macleod, 332
Some Stories of Heiskeir, 176
Submerged Cities, Professor H. H. Johnson, 266, 334
The Celt and the Sea, Kenneth Macleod, 242
The Combatants on the North Inch of Perth, Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair, 1
The Cornish Drama, Henry Jenner, 360
The Dream, W. J. Gruffydd, M.A., 318
The Fionn Saga, Rev. George Henderson, M.A., B.Litt., Ph.D., 56
The Glenmasan Manuscript (with translation)—continued, Professor Mackinnon, 10, 114, 198, 294
The Loch at the Back of the World, Lauchlan MacLean Watt, 51
The Macneils of Barra, Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair, 216
Ur-Sgeul, Domhnull MacEacharn, 160