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The Government of Iowa 1911.djvu

chapter page
I. The Land and Resources 1
II. Population and Ethnic Elements 6
III. Early History and Explorations 13
IV. The Foundations of Government in Iowa 22
V. The Organic Act and Constitutions of Iowa 26
VI. Our Civil Rights 35
VII. Suffrage, Elections, Party Machinery 43
VIII. The Legislative Department 51
IX. The House of Representatives, or Lower House 60
X. The Senate, or Upper House 69
XI. The Executive Department 73
XII. Administrative Officers, Boards, and Commissions 87
XIII. The Judicial Department 105
XIV. The County and its Government 112
XV. The Civil Township and its Government 122
XVI. The Government of Cities and Towns 125
XVII. Amendments to the Constitution 135
XVIII. Taxation 139
XIX. Education and the School System 145
XX. Social and Economic Legislation 155
Appendix —The Constitution of Iowa 167
Index 207


Map I. Illustrative of Indian Land Cessions in Iowa

between pages 8 and 9

Map II. Illustrative of the Northwest Territory, the Territory of Indiana, and the Territory of Michigan

between pages 18 and 19

Map III. Illustrative of the Boundaries of the Original Territory of Wisconsin and the Separate Territory of Iowa

between pages 20 and 21

Map IV. Illustrative of the Lucas Boundaries

between pages 28 and 29

Map V. Illustrative of the Nicollet Boundaries

between pages 30 and 31

Map VI. Illustrative of the Date of Establishment and Present Boundaries of Counties in Iowa

between pages 112 and 113