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Index:The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses.djvu

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Title The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses
Author John Solomon Rarey
Year 1858
Source djvu
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Introduction   Page 5
The Three Fundamental Principles of my Theory, founded on the leading Characteristics of the Horse   13
How to succeed in getting the Colt from Pasture   17
How to Stable a Colt without Trouble   18
Time to Reflect   20
The Kind of Halter   20
Remarks on the Horse   21
Experiment with the Robe   22
Suggestions on the Habit of Smelling   23
Prevailing Opinion of Horsemen   24
Powel's System of Approaching the Colt   26
Remarks on Powel's Treatment How to Govern Horses of any Kind   30
How to proceed if your Horse is of a stubborn Disposition   34
How to Halter and Lead a Colt   35
How to lead a Colt by the Side of a Broken Horse   39
How to Lead a Colt into the Stable and Hitch him without having him pull on the Halter   40
The Kind of Bit, and how to accustom a Horse to it   42
How to Saddle a Colt   43
How to Mount the Colt   45
How to Ride the Colt   47
The proper Way to Bit a Colt   49
How to Drive a Horse that is very Wild and has any Vicious Habits   50
On Balking   53
To Break a Horse to Harness   58
How to Hitch a Horse in a Sulky   59
How to make a Horse Lie Down   60
How to make a Horse Follow you   62
How to make a Horse Stand without Holding   63