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I. The Rover Boys and Their Friends 1
II. About a Missing Houseboat 8
III. A Friend in Need 15
IV. Harold Bird's Strange Tale 24
V. Stuck in the Mud 32
VI. Fighting Bob Cats 41
VII. The Houseboat in the Bushes 50
VIII. In the Swamp 59
IX. Two Young Prisoners 68
X. The Chase on the River 76
XI. What the Rockets Revealed 85
XII. Stuck on a Snag 92
XIII. The Capture of Solly Jackson 100
XIV. On a Gulf Steamer 109
XV. The Castaways of the Gulf 118
XVI. A Deserted Steam Yacht 126
XVII. In Undisputed Possession 134
XVIII. In Peril of Steam 142
XIX. The Storm on the Gulf 150
XX. A Night of Anxiety 158
XXI. The Picture in the Cardcase 166
XXII. An Unexpected Meeting on the Water 174
XXIII. The Enemy Tries to Take Possession 182
XXIV. In the Engine Room 190
XXV. One Plot and Another 198
XXVI. Turning the Tables 206
XXVII. Dan Baxter's Repentance 213
XXVIII. Hatchway and Door 220
XXIX. An Exciting Time All Around 227
XXX. Homeward Bound—conclusion 235