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I The Secret Code 9
II The Ten-Dollar Counterfeit Note 20
III The Paymaster's Safe 29
IV At Bald Creek Station 56
V In Which a Cash Box Disappears 75
VI Some of the Little Spiders 88
VII Wanted—The Hawk—Dead or Alive 105
VIII Threads in the Web 115
IX The Looting of the Fast Mail 129
X The Third Party 143
XI The Lead Capsule 155
XII Blindman's-Buff 172
XIII The Man with the Scar 187
XIV The Clue 208
XV The Ladybird 220
XVI An Even Break 237
XVII A Hole in the Wall 262
XVIII The Hawk Packs His Valise 284
XIX Birds of a Feather 295
XX "Confidential" Correspondence 314