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I. A Letter from the West 1
II. The Boys reach a Decision 9
III. A False Identification 18
IV. A Serious Set-back 27
V. A Night in New York 36
VI. Preparations for Departure 44
VII. Buying the Outfits 52
VIII. On the Way to Juneau 61
IX. The Fate of a Stowaway 69
X. Up the Lynn Canal 77
XI. The Start from Dyea 85
XII. Earl has an Adventure 93
XIII. At the Summit of Chilkoot Pass 101
XIV. Boat-building at Lake Linderman 109
XV. On to Lake Bennett 118
XVI. An Exciting Night in Camp 127
XVII. A Hunt for Food 134
XVIII. On to the White Horse Rapids 141
XIX. Nearing the End of a Long Journey 149
XX. The Gold Fields at Last 157
XXI. A Day in Dawson City 164
XXII. Digging for Gold 172
XXIII. Good Luck and Bad 180
XXIV. An Unlooked-for Arrival 187
XXV. More Work in the Gulches 195
XXVI. Sluice Boxes and Preparations for Winter 203
XXVII. The End of the Summer Season 211
XXVIII. Snowed in 219
XXIX. Waiting and Watching for Spring 227
XXX. Last Washings for Gold 235
XXXI. Down the Yukon and Home 243