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Formatting for this work[edit]


The work contains left and right sidenotes, which means that when we translude the work we need to pull all the sidenotes to the one side of the work. To format this work please use {{outside L}} on left-sided pages (even numbers) and {{outside RL}} on right-sided pages (odd numbers). These sidenotes are also in italics, so place the italics within the wrapper:

{{outside L|''Introductory sidenotes''}}

Header & footer[edit]

Preloaded into the

  • header is {{sidenotes begin}}{{c|}}, which should then just require the requisite header dropped into the {{center}} template
  • footer is <references/>{{c|[{{{pagenum}}}]}}{{sidenotes end}} which generally doesn't need altering.

Chapter headings[edit]

Please use {{center}} and {{x-larger}}, e.g.:

{{center|{{x-larger|ETIQUETTE OF STATIONERY}}}}

Chapter beginnings[edit]

Please use {{Largeinitial}} and {{larger}}, e.g.:

{{Largeinitial|A}} {{larger|WOMAN}}

Beeswaxcandle (talk) 22:35, 30 December 2011 (UTC)