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List of WS formats used in the digitization of this work

Special Characters[edit]

note - selecting macrons from the drop down "Please select a category from the menu. Each category contains special tools and characters that can be inserted within the text." is very slow for any volume. You can use keyboard short cuts to speed up the process. Go to your preferences and "Gadgets" tab, under "Editing tools", check the box for "Keyboard shortcuts to type special characters (works in Firefox, Chrome). [example : ^ae -> æ ]". When actived this will let you type =A to get Ā, etc. When typing headers with leading vowels i.e. ==A Header==, type the vowel then put the "==" in front of the the vowel.

Formatting approach[edit]

So far I have been attempting to recreate the formatting of the text document to a great extent, and have been using tables to some degree. As I started on Page:Latin for beginners (1911).djvu/309 it became obvious I was adding needlessly to the complexity and difficulty of the transcription without adding real value to the end results. The words, special characters and word formatting are all important in this work. How they are laid out on the print page for best effect is not necessarily how to render them best in the digital world. Changing my approach to focus on digital layout instead of print. JeepdaySock (talk) 16:44, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

LEFT Header RIGHT Header
Left row 1 Right row 1
Left row 2 Right row 2
Left row 3 Right row 3
Left row 4 Right row 4