Instructions in Spirella Corsetry/Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Delivering the Corset[edit]

   1. When the corsets arrive open the parcel at once. Lay a towel
on the table on which to spread them out. As each corset is un-
wrapped check it with your Memorandum Order Book and invoice;
lay its guarantee tag with it. Mould the clasp and stays, open the
lacer and hose supporter ends, so that the corset will be ready to
adjust when you deliver it. When you have done this, fold it care-
fully in the inner tissue paper in which it came. Re-wrap in the
outer paper, enclosing the guarantee tag.

   2. Notify the client that her corset has arrived and make an
appointment with her to adjust it. There are several reasons why
appointments should be made before delivering the corset. You
might arrive at a most inopportune time. The client might have
callers or be busy with necessary household duties; she also might
desire to change her apparel before you arrive. An appointment
also gives the client an opportunity to have the money ready for
the final payment. If by any chance the client cannot make the
final payment when you call, collect all you can toward the amount
and make an early appointment for delivery.

   3. Never deliver a corset until the client has sufficient time to
allow you to adjust it properly. Adjust the corset carefully accord-
ing to the Spirella method. Explain to the client why it should be
done in just this manner. Remove the corset, following the same
steps in the reverse order -that you used in putting it on, and ask
the client to adjust it under your direction. Be sure that she un-
derstands and can do it correctly. When removing the corset im-
press the client with the fact that equal care is necessary for either
operation. To receive the full corrective benefit of the corset, its
lines must be preserved. Careful adjustment does this. It also in-
creases its durability and is a friendly service the client will appre-
ciate. This increases her confidence in you and makes her a perma-
nent client.

   4. After the client has put the corset an correctly, call her
attention to the leaflet "Your Lines" which accompanies her corset.
This will remind her daily of your instructions on adjusting the
corset. It also contains important information on a good method
of laundering. Instruct her to preserve the guarantee tag for pos-
sible future reference.

   5. Do not leave the corset if the client is not perfectly satisfied.
She is entitled to satisfaction. It is both your duty and your ad-
vantage to satisfy her. A satisfied client will comply with your
request for names of friends and recommendations. This makes
her a valuable factor in your future business building. Therefore,
you cannot afford to leave the corset with her unless it is satis-
factory. A temporary loss on the corset and a satisfied client is far
better for you than temporary gain and the loss of future orders
and recommendations.

   6. After delivering the corset do not linger in general conversa-
tion with the client. Thank her for the privilege of serving her, tell
her of the improved health the corset will bring her and how much
better her figure looks; speak of the increased comfort she will ex-
perience through the flexible support to the abdominal organs at all
times and especially while walking or riding and of the difference
in her poise. If she has good figure lines, express your satisfaction
over the excellent manner in which her new Spirella corset accen-
tuates and makes the most of them. Leave the client feeling that
you have rendered her a real service.