James H. Rowe, Jr. to Missy LeHand (May 14, 1941)

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MAY 14, 1941

Memorandum for Miss LeHand.

Dear Missy:

Rudolph Hess

Because you told me that someone else had the same idea I had and that Steve Early sent him up to the British Embassy, I thought you might not give the President my memorandum today.

I have been trained as a skeptic in all things -- and I include Hess -- but, assuming this idea is worthwhile, it wll never get anywhere with the professional career men in the British Embassy or the State Department.

It is a "telephone" job between the President and Churchill, both of whom have imagination enough to see the advantage to both countries, and also because time is of the essence. Even tomorrow may be too late.

James Rowe, Jr.

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