Joint Declaration of 22 February 1999

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Joint Declaration of 22 February 1999 (1999)
246637Joint Declaration of 22 February 19991999

of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

and of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Prime Minister of
the Republic of Macedonia,

Proceeding from a common aspiration to promote the goodneighbourly
relations between the two countries,

Profoundly convinced of the need of promotion of cooperation
on the basis of mutual respect, confidence, understanding,
good-neighbourliness and mutual respect for the interests of their
countries and peoples,

Convinced of the need to enhance security and peace, cooperation
and confidence in Southeastern Europe,

Proceeding from the aspirations of the two countries to
integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures,

Believing that constructive dialogue on all aspects of bilateral
relations, as well as on regional and international problems, will
contribute to a further development of contacts between the two
countries on a basis of equality,

Respecting the principles of the UN Charter and the OSCE
documents, as well as the democratic principles enshrined in the acts
of the Council of Europe,

1. Express their readiness and common desire for promotion
of relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of
Macedonia in all spheres. These relations shall develop in compliance
with the fundamental principles of international law.

2. The two countries shall co-operate within the framework of
the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in
Europe, the Council of Europe, NATO’s Partnership for Peace Initiative,
the Multinational Peace Force Southeastern Europe, and other
international organisations and forums.

3. The two countries shall contribute to the promotion
of co-operation among the states of Southeastern Europe, to the
enhancement of understanding, peace and stability in the region and
to the implementation of regional projects as part of the process of
establishing a united Europe.

4. The two countries shall maintain contacts and hold
meetings between representatives of the government authorities at
different levels for the promotion of friendly relations and co-operation.

5. Considering their geographic proximity, the two countries
shall seek to establish the appropriate legal, economic, financial and
trade conditions for an unimpeded movement of goods, services and
capital. They shall promote reciprocal investments and ensure their

6. The two countries shall support the broadening of tourist
exchange, as well as the pursuit of suitable forms of co-operation in the
field of tourism.

7. The two countries shall extend and upgrade transport
links and communications between each other, inter alia within the
framework of regional infrastructure projects.

They shall seek to ease customs and border formalities for
passengers and goods moving between the two countries.

8. The two countries shall encourage active and unimpeded
co-operation in the field of culture, education, healthcare, social welfare
and sports.

9. The two countries shall make efforts for free dissemination
of information by encouraging and promoting co-operation in the field
of the press, radio and television broadcasts, using the capabilities of
modern communication media.

The two countries commit themselves to protect the
copyrights and intellectual rights of creative artists in the two countries.

10. The two countries shall expand their co-operation in
the legal and consular sphere and, in particular, on civil, criminal and
administrative issues, with a view to facilitating travel and visits of their
citizens as well as addressing their humanitarian and social problems.

11. Neither of the two countries shall undertake, instigate
or support any actions of a hostile nature directed against the other

Neither of the two countries shall allow its territory to be used
against the other by any organisations or groups which make it their
object to carry out subversive, separatist or other actions threatening
the peace and security of the other country.

The two countries do not have, and will not lay, any territorial
claims to each other.

The Republic of Macedonia hereby declares that nothing in
its Constitution can or should be interpreted as constituting, now or
whenever in the future, a basis for interference in the internal affairs
of the Republic of Bulgaria for the purpose of defending the status
and the rights of persons who are not citizens of the Republic of

The two countries shall undertake effective measures for
preventing ill-intentioned propaganda by institutions and agencies
and shall not allow activities by private individuals aimed at instigating
violence, hatred or other such actions which might harm relations
between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.

Signed on 22 February 1999 in Sofia, in two originals, each
in the official languages of the two countries - in Bulgarian language,
according to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, and in
Macedonian language, according to the Constitution of the Republic of
Macedonia, both texts being equally authentic.

FOR THE REPUBLIC                          FOR THE REPUBLIC
OF BULGARIA:                                  OF MACEDONIA:

IVAN KOSTOV                                   LJUBČO GEORGIEVSKI
Prime Minister                                    Prime Minister

ж   The 1999 Joint Declaration was reaffirmed by a joint memorandum signed
     by Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia on January 22, 2008 in Sofia.

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