Kill All Prisoners Order

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Document No. 2701 (Certified as Exhibit "O" in Doc. No. 2687)

From the journal of Taiwan POW Camp H.Q. in Taihoku,
entry 1 August 1944

1. (entries about money, promotions of Formosans at Branch camps, including promotion of To Tu-Saku to 1st 01 Kaibiin - 5 entries)

2. The following answer about extreme measures for POWs was sent to the Chief of Staff of the 11th Unit (Formosa POW security No. 10).

"Under the present situation if there were a mere explosion or fire a shelter for the time being could be had in nearby buildings such as the school, warehouse, or the like. However, at such time as the situation become urgent and if it be extremely important, the POWs will be concentrated and confined in their present location and under heavy guard the preparation for the final solution will be made.
The time and method of this disposition are as follows:
(1) The Time.
Although the basic aim is to act under superior orders, individual disposition may be made in the following circumstances:
(a) When an uprising of large numbers cannot be suppressed without the use of firearms.
(b) When escapees from the camp may turn into a hostile fighting force
(2) The Methods.
(a) Whether they are destroyed individually or in groups, or however it is done, with mass bombing, poisonous smoke, poisons, drowning, decapitations, or what, dispose of them as the situation dictates.
(b) In any case it is the aim not to allow the escape of a single one, to annihilate them all, and not to leave any traces.
(3) To: The Commanding General
The Commanding General of the Military Police
Reported matters conferred on with the 114 Unit, the Kiirun Fortified Area H.Q., and each prefecture concerning the extreme security in Taiwan POW camps.

3. (The next entry concerns the will of a deceased POW)