Kopal-Kundala/The Palki Journey

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Chapter IV.

The Palki Journey.

Listen to what became of the ornaments. Moti Bibi had sent an ivory box inlaid with silver for keeping the ornaments. The robbers had only taken a few of her things; they succeeded in taking nothing except what was actually with her.

Nobokumar left one or two ornaments on Kopal-Kundala's body, and put the greater portion in the box. The next morning Moti Bibi started for Burdwan, while Nobokumar and his wife started in the direction of Septogram. Nobokumar put Kopal-Kundala in the palki, and placed the box of jewels with her. The bearers easily left Nobokumar behind. Kopal-Kundala opened the doors of the palki, and went along looking in every direction. A beggar saw her and ran along by the side of the palki asking for alms.

Kopal-Kundala said, "I have nothing; what can I give you?"

The beggar pointed to the few ornaments Kopal-Kundala had on, and said, "What, mother! There are diamonds and pearls on your body, and you say you have nothing?"

Kopal-Kundala said, "Will you be satisfied with the ornaments?"

The beggar was a little astonished; a beggar's hopes are unbounded. After a moment she replied, "Of course I shall be satisfied."

In the innocence of her heart Kopal-Kundala gave the beggar the ornaments, box and all. She also took off and gave her the ornaments she was wearing.

The beggar stood confused for a moment. The male and female servant had seen nothing. The hesitation of the beggar was but momentary. She looked in all directions, and hastily ran away with the ornaments. Kopal-Kundala wondered why the beggar had run away.