Landon in The Literary Gazette 1823/A Youth, with a Lyre in his hand

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Poems (1823)
by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Medallion Wafers - A Youth, with a Lyre in his hand
2251374PoemsMedallion Wafers - A Youth, with a Lyre in his hand1823Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Literary Gazette, 8th February 1823, Page 91

A Youth, with a Lyre in his hand, kneeling to a Female half turning to him, as in the act of reconciliation.

Yes! I have sinned 'gainst love and thee;
    Both heart and harp have been untrue:
I cannot deem how they could be
    Wakened by any one but you!

But my harp in the sunshine hung,
    And I was proud to wake the strings,
And other hands than thine have flung
    Flowers and laurel offerings.

Too dear I prized those flatteries,
    And bowed me at an idol's shrine,
And breathed in vanity the sighs
    Which should have been thine, only thine.

I pray thee pardon, for the sake
    Of my so long devoted strain;
I pray thee pardon me, and take
    Thy truant to thy heart again![1]

  1. signature after later poem