Landon in The Literary Gazette 1826/The Shadow

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For works with similar titles, see The Shadow.

Literary Gazette, 16th September, 1826, Page 588



I hung o'er the side of the vessel while cleaving
    Mid the blue rolling waters her pathway of light;
Behind was the white silver track she was leaving,
    And before her the billows lay buoyant and bright.

Her white sail was spread to the beauty of Morning,
    Which waked like a rose crimson from her night's rest—
Now wooing the wind, and now, woman-like, scorning
    The lover whose home was yet deep in her breast.

On sprang the ship, like the stag from its pillow,
    In beauty, in music, in gladness, she past;
But follow'd her still one dark shade on the billow;
    That fair ship! from her could such darkness be cast?

The sunbeam hath its shadow, and youth hath its sorrow,
    The fair bark its dark side, and such is mine own;
Brightness and gladness my pathway may borrow,
    But still my heart's darkness upon it is thrown.
L. E. L.