Landon in The New Monthly 1835/The Parting Word

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The New Monthly Magazine, Volume 45, Page 155



I leant within the window
    That overlooks the tide;
I saw our eyes were meeting,
    And I saw nought beside.

I knew that we were parting;
    That knowledge made me say
More than my lips had ventured
    On any other day.

I asked "Will you forget me?"
    Too long my dreaming heart
Recall'd the words we whisper'd,
    As there we stood apart.

I see the open window,
    The careless talkers near,
And how I talked as careless,
    To shun their smile or sneer.

I see the silent river
    That wander'd darkly on,
While the mournful light of midnight
    Above the waters shone.

I said—so darkly flowing
    My course of life has been;
With mocking lights, whose lustre
    But partly show'd the scene.

I felt as if the morning
    At length began to shine—
As if my spirit's day-break
    Came from those eyes of thine.

I felt I deeply loved thee—
    With fond and earnest love—
Firm as the earth beneath me,
    True as the stars above.

Such love as I had painted
    Thro' long and lonely years;
Too passionately happy,
    My eyes were fill'd with tears.

I wish that I had shed them,
    They had not then been kept,
For the hours that came the morrow
    To weep as I have wept.

For I have felt the folly
    Of all I fancied then;
Not with my own heart's loving
    Am I beloved again.

I fear my evil planet,
    Whose fortune has denied
The only heart I covet
    In all a world so wide.

The memory of that moment
    Is lingering with me yet:
I said to you remember!
    Ah, must I say forget!
L. E. L.