Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate/Volume 2/Number 12/Elder's licenses

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Note: Some headings and bracketed texts are editorial and not part of the original text.

Kirtland, Ohio, Sept. 3,1836.

The following is a list of the names of Ministers of the Gospel belonging to the church of the Latter Day Saints, whose licenses were recorded, the last quarter, in the License Records, in Kirtland, Ohio:


Recording Clerk.

ELDERS: Samuel Phelps
William H Presley
James Blakelee Zera Pulsipher
Phineas Brownson jr Harpin Riggs
Isaac H Bishop Darius Race
Alexander Badlam George A Smith
Harry Brown Gardner Snow
Samuel S Brudick Willard Snow
Edson Barney William Snow
Royal Barney jr Lyman Sherman
Calvin B Childs Erastus B Wightman
Israel Calkins Charles Wightman
Jacob Chamberlain Samuel Warner jr
William P Card Elias F Wells
Stephen Chase Melvin Wilbur
James Durfee Whitford G Wilson
John Daily Henry H Wilson
Edmund Durfee jr Franklin Youngs
Zenas Gibbs
Joshua Grant jr PRIESTS
Truman Gillet jr Charles Brown
Thomas Gates jr Moses R Norms
William Hunting jr Jonas Putnam
James Houghton Andrews Tyler
Mahew Hillman Abraham Palmer
Nathan Haskins William Tenney
Jonathan Hampton
Samuel Jaques TEACHERS:
Hiram Kellogg Russel Thompson
John Killian Bechias Dustin
John Knapp Orson G Beach
Cornelius P Lott
William Miller DEACONS:
Garland W Meeks Moses Tracy
John F Olney Isaiah Williams
Oliver Olney