Le Morte d'Arthur/Volume II/Book XIV

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Chapters (not listed in original)
  • Chapter I: How Sir Percivale came to a recluse and asked counsel, and how she told him that she was his aunt
  • Chapter II: How Merlin likened the Round Table to the world, and how the knights that should achieve the Sangreal should be known
  • Chapter III: How Sir Percivale came into a monastery, where he found King Evelake, which was an old man
  • Chapter IV: How Sir Percivale saw many men of arms bearing a dead knight, and how he fought against them
  • Chapter V: How a yeoman desired him to get again an horse, and how Sir Percivale's hackney was slain, and how he gat an horse
  • Chapter VI: Of the great danger that Sir Percivale was in by his horse, and how he saw a serpent and a lion fight
  • Chapter VII: Of the vision that Sir Percivale saw, and how his vision was expounded, and of his lion
  • Chapter VIII: How Sir Percivale saw a ship coming to him-ward, and how the lady of the ship told him of her disheritance
  • Chapter IX: How Sir Percivale promised her help, and how he required her of love, and how he was saved from the fiend
  • Chapter X: How Sir Percivale for penance rove himself through the thigh; and how she was known for the devil