Letter to the Free Age Press

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Letter to the Free Age Press
by Leo Tolstoy

Dear friends,

I have received the first issues of your books, booklets and leaflets containing my writings, as well as the statements concerning the objects and plan of "The Free Age Press".

The publications are extremely neat and attractive, and - what to me appears most important - very cheap, and therefore quite accessible to the great public, consisting of the working class.

I also warmly sympathise with the announcement on your translations that no rights are reserved. Being well aware of all the extra sacrifices and practical difficulties that this involves for a publishing concern at the present day, I particularly desire to express my heartfelt gratitude to the translators and participators in your work who, in generous compliance with my objection to copyright of any kind, thus help to render your English version of my writings absolutely free to all who may wish to make use of it.

Should I write anything more which I may consider worthy of publication, I will with great pleasure forward it to you without delay. With heartiest wishes for the further success of your efforts.

24th December, 1900