Letters of Julian/Letter 68

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From The Works of the Emperor Julian, volume III (1913) Loeb Classical Library.

68. To Dositheus[1][edit]

I am almost in tears — and yet the very utterance of your name ought to have been an auspicious sound, — for I recall to mind our noble and wholly admirable father.[2] If you make it your aim to imitate him, not only will you yourself be happy but also you will give to human life, as he did, an example of which it will be proud. But if you are indolent you will grieve me, and you will blame yourself when blaming will not avail.


  1. Otherwise unknown.
  2. If the MS. reading is retained, Julian must be referring to someone who had taught them both. This was a regular usage and the teacher of one's own teacher could be referred to as "grandfather."